How To Pack Small Kitchen Appliances

Ray Vel
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May 10, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the whole house and very rightfully so. It's where most families spend time, cook with affection, have most discussions, and whatnot. So it comes with no surprise that it is the very place with the most stuff.

From pantry drawers to the cabinets, every corner of the kitchen is usually stacked to the roof, especially if there are children in the house. So for many people, moving the rest of the house is no big deal but when it comes to the kitchen it's entirely another story.

Moving systematically in an organized manner works wonders and the same is true for packing up things for moving. While the large items are easy to pack, it’s the little things that take up a lot of time and effort. But this article provides a foolproof technique to take care of all your small kitchen appliances and stack them safely for moving.

How to pack your kitchen appliances?

Disconnect and Clean

Start by disconnecting and cleaning all your small kitchen appliances. Safely unplug them and then properly clean the insides of every appliance to reduce any mess during the moving process. Also, ensure that the appliance is dry before you wrap them. Any moisture left inside can damage the circuits.

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Take off all detachable parts

If there are any detachable parts of the appliance make sure to remove them. This step gives extra protection to the appliance and ensures that none of the parts get damaged or scrape against one another.

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Get good quality packaging

When packing delicate home appliances, it is always recommended to pack them in the same boxes they came in. take them out, dust them and pack the appliances exactly how they came once you bought them. In case you no longer have that packing or they have been damaged due to exposure to the elements, buy good-quality packing materials. For good protection the following items are a must:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Newspapers
  • Towels or old blankets
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Don’t leave voids

While packing, try not to leave any gaps in the boxes. The gaps make the items move around freely which increases the risk of damage. So if there is any gas left, try to fill them up with packing paper, newspapers and old clothes.

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Stack properly

When it comes to stacking small kitchen appliances, make sure to stack them the right way. The heavy items go at the bottom and the lighter ones come at the top. This step is vital to ensure that no items get damaged during the moving process and is usually missed out on by people.

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Hire a Professional!

Moving home is no easy task especially when so many things are involved. Hiring a professional removals company will save you lots of time and effort and move your house while you concentrate on other important aspects like your business or meeting with the new office bosses.

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