Guide To Choosing A Self-Storage Space Company

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
January 24, 2023

Self-storage facilities have rapidly become a popular business in the UK because they are convenient and cost-effective. But, if you start looking for a company for yourself, you will probably come across about a thousand of them.

The hard part is when you have to choose between them. After all, how do you know which one has the best pricing, services, and security? Well, not to worry. Today, we are giving you keynotes to find the best self-storage facility that suits your needs.

Keep reading as we discuss what it takes for a reputable company to have the means for excellent storage service.

All things you should look out for when finding a self-storage space company

24/7 access

With a plethora of storage companies in the UK, you need to see which one is the best. Well, typically, you should start with how much accessibility you will get. Unlike container storage, a self-storage unit is for people who like to be flexible with their things.

If the company of choice has good accessibility, which should be 24/7, you are good to go. Keyless or touchless entries are a bonus! This will easily distinguish between a good company and an okay one.

Adequate security surveillance

Your items will be at severe risk if the company you choose does not have adequate security surveillance. Typically, storage facilities will have some security measures with either physical or camera surveillance or both! A more advanced company will be fully automated, so keep that in mind.

But, whether physical or automated, good security is a good sign that the company is of value. You can also ensure that their security services are top-notch by reviewing past user reviews and seeing if anyone’s items have ever been lost/misplaced. It is also common for reputable storage facilities to offer security insurance, so keep an eye out for that.

Different sizes of units

A good storage facility will almost always have various unit sizes available for you to choose from. This is usually because not everyone has the same amount of things to store away in a facility. Some people have lesser, more compact items, while others have bulky furniture. A good company should have the flexibility of offering you different unit sizes so you can choose freely.

Hygiene and cleanliness

You have the right to know how clean the storage facility really is and if your items will be safe inside it. And part of this safety is credited to cleanliness. If your company has strict hygiene rules, it is most likely a good company.

Dust is a natural accumulation in just about anything in your home. So, unless you want your belongings to get dusty and infested with pests, you may want to make sure they follow cleanliness guides properly!

Don’t be shy to ask your choice of storage facility all the questions. After all, you are entrusting them with important valuables.

But make sure not to stress too much. All things are material and can never have enough value to leave you feeling distressed over.

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