Does moving a piano damage it?

Ray Victor
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September 25, 2023

Moving a piano is no easy task. With an item this heavy and oversized, precaution has to be taken. Not to mention the significant costs involved in owning one. Furthermore, a piano is a precious house item because of the investment involved and because it reserves a sentimental value in the owners' hearts. Therefore, relocating one can seem daunting.

Moving a piano is a risky business that is best left to professionals. Unfortunately, inexperienced homeowners do not have the expertise, training, and tools to do it themselves. This inexperience leads to damage to the item and poses a severe threat to their wellbeing. Therefore, to answer, can moving damage the piano? The short answer is yes, only if you move the piano yourself. Let us guide you as to why that is.

Why moving a piano yourself can damage it?

As we mentioned before, pianos are significantly heavier and larger than your average house items. Combined with the fact that they are also weirdly shaped, matters are worse. As a result, the logistics of moving them through passages and doors can become increasingly difficult.

Inexperience can damage the piano's exterior, and it is not uncommon to see scrapes, dents, and scratches on the sophisticated outer surface of those pianos whose owners took the feat into their own hands.

The piano's interior is equally at risk of damage because of the delicate framework that makes it play that heavenly music. The keys, hammers, strings, pedals, etc., combine light features that make the piano's interior. As a result, any small budge or movement can render havoc to the insides that are expensive to replace.

Another reason why we do not recommend inexperienced homeowners to take the feat of moving the piano themselves is that it poses a risk to their health and safety. There are countless tales of injuries that accompany the ordeal, and it is not a surprise. Lifting and moving a giant several hundred pounds has seen many in the emergency section. In addition, untrained movers pose a severe risk of dropping the piano since they have no previous know-how of moving a piano independently.

What do we recommend?

Choosing an expert piano removal company such as I Like To Move It Removals in London is your best bet since:

  • They can seamlessly handle all aspects of packing and moving the piano themselves
  • Have fewer chances of injury
  • Have fewer chances of damaging the piano
  • Offer piano storage

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