A Simple Guide to Moving House

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
May 11, 2022

We delight in helping our users to find the perfect mortgage broker for their needs. These skilled professionals can trawl the market to find you the perfect mortgage on your dream home. The kind that secures market-leading rates on a property you love. But even after you’ve found the perfect product for your new home, the adventure is only just beginning! Moving to a new home can be an extremely exciting experience. But it can also come with a great deal of stress, anxiety and expense. 

Here we have some tips to help you cut costs and enjoy your move more by minimising stress. 

Be proactive in sorting out your energy supply

Did you know that most new movers end up spending way more than they should for their gas and electricity? Unless you’re familiar with energy contracts, probably not! But according to the energy experts at Papernest, you can save a fortune if you’re proactive in managing your energy supply when moving house. As soon as you move into a new home, you’re automatically placed on a contract with whoever the previous occupant used. Regardless of which supplier you used in your previous home. Under this ‘deemed contract’ you will usually be placed on the supplier’s standard variable tariff. Which is usually their most expensive. 

The sooner you switch to a new supplier, the more you can save. 

Be sure to take meter readings at both properties on your moving day so you don’t wind up paying for energy that someone else has used. 

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Start packing right now

No seriously. Start right now! Okay, finish reading this article, then start. Of course, nobody wants to love waist-deep in cardboard boxes for weeks. But at the same time, we human beings have a nasty habit of underestimating just how much we need to pack. Start taking stock of your non-essentials and organising them into boxes as soon as possible. This will save you time (and panic) later. It will also give you an opportunity to...

Learn how to pack your belongings, including clothing and personal items, when moving home.

Consider downsizing your possessions

It’s a universal truth of moving house. At some point, you will stand amongst your belongings and wonder “where did all this stuff come from?”. When everything is put away in its place, it’s easy to underestimate how much stuff we have. It’s also remarkable how quickly treasured belongings become clutter. If your belongings have stopped bringing you pleasure, do you really want to take them to your new home? 

Take the time you have to sell them online or, better yet, donate them to charity. Too busy to take your belongings to the charity shop? There are charities like the British Heart Foundation that will collect your belongings from your home address and donate them to charity. 

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Start making lists

Moving house can tax even the best-organised minds. As such, no matter how well prepared you think you are, it’s always a good idea to make lists prior to your move. Make lists of items you no longer want. Make lists of which belongings belong in which boxes. Make lists of the people you need to notify of your move. Make lists of potential energy and phone / broadband providers for your new home. Lists help you to wrap your head around the process and prevent any unpleasant surprises. So you find yourself more prepared and less anxious. 

Regardless of how well you plan, the move stress can be overwhelming. Follow this moving houses checklist to make sure you cover all the bases.

Stay in touch with your conveyancers

Timings are very important when moving. Especially if you’re in a chain. As such, it’s essential to stay in touch with your solicitor or conveyancing service. Be proactive in staying in contact with them and you’ll have a better understanding of how far along you are in the process, costs that need to be managed, and when your eventual moving date will be. 

Removal Cost: What is the average removal cost in the UK?

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