The Ultimate Moving Checklist 2022

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
December 11, 2022

If you can call one thing chaotic in everything you may have done, moving home would top that list. No matter what you do, moving an entire home is never easy. According to a survey done in the UK, most Brits have termed moving home more stressful than a divorce. So what is it that causes that chaos? It all comes down to the lack of planning, strategy, and organization.

To fail to plan is to plan to fail. The only savior is to have a well-conceived plan for a stress-free move, and the only way to achieve that is through a moving home checklist. So in this blog, we have listed a comprehensive moving checklist for 2022 for you to follow and have a hassle-free moving day.

The complete moving checklist 2022

8 months before the move

Starting early is crucial to an organized moving day. It is the first step towards ensuring everything goes smoothly and works in your favor. Therefore, do the following:

  • Make a complete home moving folder both a hard copy and on your computer.
  • Create an important contact details sheet. It should contain all the contact details of your removals company, solicitors, estate agent, mortgage company, etc.
  • Get a moving quote from a renowned removals company in London
  • Figure out your moving budget
  • Get an in-home moving survey

6 weeks before the move

If you are going to pack yourself, you better get to it now. Get the required amount of moving boxes, as well as packing supplies to help you. Spending extra time to label everything will make the unpacking all the easier, so spend some time doing it. Moving will require you to rent a vehicle so reserve a spot as soon as you can. If you are using a professional removal company, do the following:

  • Book your removal service
  • Take care of your home insurance and notify the existing insurance provider

4 weeks before the move

Here is what you need to do:

  • Let the school and university know of the move (if you have children)
  • Notify the companies including the banks, utilities, subscriptions, doctors, landline providers, and the post office
  • Keep active communication with the hired removals company and keep them informed about your preparations

2 weeks before the move

  • Make sure you are on track with the moving process and review it
  • start using and emptying your grocery items from the fridge, pantry, and freezer. And clean then as they empty
  • Make sure you are only left with the essentials to pack if you are doing that task yourself

1 week before the moving day

  • Clean everything
  • Give your removal company a call to check if everything is right on track
  • Check in with the rental vehicle if you will move yourself
  • Give a date to your landlord for the final inspection

A day before the move

  • Confirm the parking spaces
  • Finish packing
  • Have a good night's sleep

The moving day

  • Stay calm and collected
  • Take children to the carers and pets to the kennels
  • Move your home

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