Moving House with Children

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April 20, 2022

Moving a complete house is a stressful task, and combined with children can get even more difficult. This is because children are not happy with the change. They feel happy, comfortable, and safe in their everyday routines and anything out of the ordinary is unwelcome. Children are also a bit more inclined towards organization than many adults realize, and the absence of which can dramatically increase their frustration levels.

While it may seem intimidating, moving a house with children can be done successfully with smaller bursts and aggressions. This article compiles the best tips and tricks you can try to make the moving process as easy as possible.

Top tips of moving a house with children

Have a pep talk

Always try to fill the children in whatever important family matters there are and especially the ones that affect them. This pep talk can ease them into whatever changes are coming. This also gives them the confidence and the perspective to deal with the changes without anxiety or fear.

Involve the children in the process

Another way to get the children from misbehaving is to involve them in the process. Give them duties or little responsibilities. The older children can take care and pack things in their rooms and make plans of how they will be setting up their new room. For little children involve them in packing their little backpacks with their favorite toys or books. This helps keep them connected to the process and away from hovering over your head.

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Have a sightseeing trip to the new property

A great way of getting them all excited to move is to take a trip to the new place and show them around. Engage them by telling them where their bedrooms will be and with which colour pallets and how they will set up the playroom. These trips can be a great way of making the whole moving process seem like an adventure and to remove any nervousness they may feel.

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Involve them in packing

Another great way to involve the children is to help them pack. This can be with lighter goods like cushions and drapes to their PlayStation games. In our experience, children love to label or colour coordinate packing boxes, why not give them a try?

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Plan their room with them

Ask your children what special things they would like in their new rooms. From the colour on their walls to what lampshades they like, planning everything will get them all excited about moving. It is another great way to teach them organization ways to keep their new rooms clean.

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Say goodbye together

Familiarity is comforting not just for the children but adults as well. While most children will be happy about moving some will be upset at the prospect of leaving behind their friends and school. Be comforting to these feelings and say goodbye together.

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Hire a professional removals company

The best way to lower the nervousness of yourself and the children is to ask for help, and hiring an expert removals company is just the way to do that. They will take care of your moving needs while you spend time with the children.

Whether it’s a small studio or a large house move, we will tailor your move to meet your requirements. We also offer additional removals services to provide a seamless and stress free moving experience.

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