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How Much does Self Storage Cost in UK?

When selecting a self-storage facility in the UK, key factors such as location, quality, security, and accessibility play crucial roles, but the cost often remains the main concern.

We take look at typical storage costs across the UK and offer insights to help you choose the right facility. Remember, the cheapest option may not always be the best value.

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Self Storage Price Factors

Choosing the right self-storage facility involves several factors that can affect both the convenience and cost of storing your belongings. Whether you're decluttering, moving, or simply need extra space, understanding these factors is crucial to making an informed decision.

By examining each of these factors, you can understand the potential costs and benefits, ensuring you choose a storage solution that not only meets your storage requirements but also fits within your budget.

Storage Location

Typically, the closer a storage facility is to city centers, the higher the costs. For instance, storage prices near London are generally higher and decrease as you move further north in the UK.

Storage Unit Size

Storage units come in various sizes, from small lockers to large warehouse-type spaces. Charges are usually based on the square footage, and larger units often have a lower cost per square foot.

Storage Duration

The longer you stay the less you are likely to pay. Many providers do offer introductory discounts such as 50% off for the first 8 weeks, to customers looking for short-term storage. For longer stays, like a year or more, look for long-term discounts.

Storage Insurance

In the rare event of damage to your stored items, stroage companiies typically require you to purchase Enhanced Liability coverage or your own insurance. The cost of this coverage depends on the declared value of your belongings.

How Much Does a Self Storage Unit Cost in the UK?

According to the latest Self Storage Association (SSA) UK annual industry report, the average self storage cost in UK in 2023 was £26.23 per sq ft per year. The average cost of self storage in London was £38.20 per sq ft per year. It's important to note that these prices are general estimates and do not include VAT, insurance or any additional options that maybe offered.


What's Included in Self Storage Prices?

Most reputable self-storage facilties normally include a range of services and amenities to improve convenience and security. It's important to note that not all facilities offer all of these services!

Onsite Staff to help & accept deliveries if you are not able to do so on the day
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Climate Control facilities avoid damp and help to preserve furniture
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Trolleys & Forklifts are essential for loading and unloading belongings
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Free Parking onsite allows you to drive up to access your storage
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24 Hr Security CCTV with pin code access to the facility and storage unit
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Basic Insurance to give you peace of mind in case there is fire or theft

Additional Costs of Self Storage

I Like to Move It Move It believe in making storage affordable for everyone! We provide full transparency with no additional or hidden fees!


Most self storage companies in London and the UK take 4 weeks or 1 month deposit. This means you are out of pocket for the whole duration of your storage period.

will never charge you a deposit!


Self storage facilties in London don't offer services to collect your items or help move into your storage unit leaving you to find a moving company near you.

have our own
cheap man & van service and offer a free van for local collections!


Many self storage providers require a minimum notice period of at 4 weeks or 1 month. This could catch you off guard when you want vacate your self storage unit. 

charge you only for the days you actually store with us!


Self Storage outlets very often require you to take expensive mandatory insurance when you check in.

don't force you pay for insurance if you don't want to!

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