Tips For Packing Electronics

Ray Victor
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September 24, 2023

Getting your electronic items ready for a move is never easy. Especially if you’re a rookie and it is your first time moving by yourself. These processes can get complex quickly.

A bit of planning and thought goes a long way when moving anything! So, don’t be shy about learning some tips and tricks that can help make your move the smoothest ever! 

Before you start filling up a box with your Flat screen TV or desktop, make sure you learn all about how to pack these delicate items. 

Many people get confused because these items are fragile, yet some of the weightiest to pack. You never quite know which route to go? But worry not! We’re here to help you make every process more manageable. 

Read below to find out the best tricks that will make moving your electronics look like a piece of cake! 

How to begin packing your electronic devices

Back-Up Your Devices 

Another great idea for those of you who don’t know exactly how long the moving process will take, it’s generally a good idea to back up your devices. 

It will allow you to have a record of everything backed up in some area on your computers. Since your devices will be off for a while, you shouldn’t be worried about losing your data. 

It’s a super important step because many people have lost crucial data such as files, photos, and documents that could have been saved by doing this. 

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Get To Labeling

Electronics are probably some of the most difficult items to move, because of their extensive accessories. One desktop has a handful of wires that come attached with it. 

It makes the moving process not so ideal. Get yourself a handy label maker and begin separating the wires, cables, and other accessories into categories. 

Each device should have its own set of labeled boxes. So that when you unpack your items, you’ll know what goes where. Not only does this make the entire process easy, but it also helps decrease clutter. 

It doesn’t only have to wire cables though. If you have a collection of CDs, charger heads, and other accessories like these, you should begin labeling.

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Get True-To-Size Boxes 

If you still own all the boxes that your electronic devices originally came in, you’ve already made the process ten times easier! Simply place all of the items in their designated boxes since they will fit snug in there. 

You won’t have to worry about items cracking or falling on top of each other! 

For example, try packing that new Play Station in the box it came in. You’ll find that it makes the process much easier by using the same packaging it came in!

If however, you don’t have the same boxes, a good idea would be to get each device a true-to-size box; imitating the same plan. 

Always be sure to use bubble wrap before packing them into boxes, but the correct sized box will always give you more security! 

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Add some padding 

Old blankets, sweaters, newspapers, and packing papers can make a difference in safeguarding your goods while moving. 

They provide padding to the objects and protect them during movement. The best part is, that everyone has them. Just add them to the otherwise empty place.

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