How to Avoid Moving Scams

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 24, 2023

Like many other things in the world, moving scams are a reality that many people face. There are many cases of such frauds which make people pay up four times than what they were first asked for. Many companies will initially coax you in with the politest of services and promises that seem too real to be true. For many people, the initial red flags are enough. But most fall prey to the traps and only find out the truth until it’s too late.

 A little bit of background investigation, and checking the credentials of the moving company you’re about to hire, go a long way. Remember it’s your whole house under their care so ensure that you check the guys you’re hiring. While some professional movers will charge a tad bit more than average or fraudulent companies, their quality will speak for itself.

If you’re planning to move and want to hire a moving company to help with the process, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through it all, so read on;

How to avoid moving scams effectively


Dig deeper into the very nitty-gritty of the movers that have caught your eye. Ask around your friends if they’ve ever heard of them or if they know someone who has used their services. If you’ve heard some good things about a company, then the word of mouth is quite effective in quoting bad experiences as well. So keep your ears and eyes open and go through the yellow pages as well.

Know what price is too low

If the company is quoting a price that seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably is. A professional company has to pay wages to its expert staff among many other things so they will naturally charge an amount that covers such aspects.

Check the up-front fees

Professional moving companies do not ask for very large up-front fees but cover them at the end of the job. If the company that you’re in talks with is asking too much, they’re probably shady and you’re in for some hefty moving scams. This is one of the most important red flags to look for.

Regardless of how well you plan, the move stress can be overwhelming. Follow this moving houses checklist to make sure you cover all the bases.

Check the fine print

Many people leave this step out and end up being swindled. Try to read and understand what is written in fine print. Non-reliable companies leave out important details. Ensure that all your requirements and expectations are met and there is no foul play.

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Go through the certifications

Another great way of hiring a professional company is to go through the certifications they have or don’t. this ensures that they are credible in the market and provide you with a seamless service.

I Like to Move It is a certified movers company. They have the ISO:9001 certifications for quality management and BS:8522 certificate for domestic and commercial services. With an expert staff that is qualified to move your stuff anywhere, you can say goodbye to your moving anxiety.

Mishaps happen and in the case of this company, if any of your belongings get damaged, you are liable to get the public liability insurance which is up to £2 million. The goods in transit cover up to £50,000 through industry-leading insurance brokers.

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