How to save the most money on your move?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 29, 2023

Moving can be a fun and exciting experience. Whether you have just found your ideal job somewhere or it is a place you always wanted to live. While it is something to look forward to, the process is costly. If you have to move soon and want to move on a budget, we have some tips to help you save a significant amount of money.

The moving process has little chunks of expenses that sometimes you can forget. And if something unforeseen comes about, these expenses can double. Many people wonder how to save money when moving into a new house. The key is to plan and keep the whole process organized, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a moving company.

How to save money on shifting?

Let’s take a look at how you move seamlessly and on a budget.

Donate all the stuff you do not need

Hogging on to things is not something that will help you save costs. There will be more stuff to pack, move and unpack. So have a critical look around your home, kitchen, and wardrobe and donate things you do not use or have not in a while. Keep only those things that you will need.

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Plan moving during the off-season

Owing to the great weather, many people in the UK commonly move around springtime- when it is warm and comfortable. During this time- of the season, moving companies are in high demand and raise their prices. If you want to cut costs, plan to move during the off-season when there is little demand. It is the time when the prices of moving companies are reasonable.

Winter and fall are ideal for moving on a budget, as are weekdays compared to weekends. You can also ask the company about the discounts they offer.

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Ask for the best quote

Before deciding on the moving companies, be sure to ask around and choose the one that suits your budget needs. With so many companies in the market, conducting a small survey can help you choose the best deals. If anyone from your friends or family has recently moved ask them too because companies with a good reputation get asked around.

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Get your own truck

Renting a truck for moving can help you in saving lots of costs. But before deciding on on company make sure you have asked other places and gotten the best quote and hourly rate. Also, check how much storage would you need because you would not want to pay extra for cubic storage that can otherwise go to waste.

Get your packing supplies

The moving company you will hire will keep a chunk of whatever services they provide. Why not cut down on those costs and get your packing supplies? Get what you need from wholesale deals, and it will help you out. Also, hang on to cardboard boxes and old newspapers because they make practical packaging materials. Old blankets, towels, sheets, and linens are also good choices. Especially to fill out empty spaces.

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