When Should You Contact A Removal Company?

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
June 6, 2022

Hiring your removals company ahead of time is significant if you want a smooth and easygoing move. However, this still doesn’t answer the question. What time is too early and what time is too late? Well, to follow a general guide, you should contact your movers at least four to six weeks before you plan to move out. 

Most moving companies will want to examine your property to distinguish what moving strategies are needed. And so, to allow them to do this, you must give them an ample amount of time. If you’re contacting them one day before your target day, you’re doing it wrong. 

It will probably also start you off in the wrong way. You should hire a team at least four to six weeks before your target moving day. It will help you in more ways than one. Below, we have listed why booking your movers earliest is beneficial. 

The benefits of booking a removals company early on 

It gives time to plan 

Hiring a moving team ahead of time helps plan your move more efficiently. If you’re taking charge of any duties such as packing or dismantling, hiring your movers before the moving deadlines allows you to get your work done on time. 

Also, if there’s any more planning like packing kitchen items in different boxes or getting garage room stuff in a storage unit, you’ll have enough time to think it through. The movers will, of course, benefit too because you will have given them enough time to organize and plan their strategies super well. 

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You come up with the best strategies for valuable items.

Talking to your movers ahead of time will help you get professional advice on valuable items. Oftentimes, we seek professional guidance for things we’re not sure of. Talking to a team of qualified movers can help you sort out your thoughts about how to go about the whole process, when to pack and move. 

You will be able to pack your belongings early on and avoid any loss or damage that could otherwise have occurred. 

How To Optimize Your Booking Dates 

Before holidays 

If you’re moving around Christmas time or New Year, you will need to contact your moving team before. Most moving companies will be off or hard to get in contact with during the holidays. To get a lock on your movers, contact them before any seasonal holiday that is coming up. 

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Other factors to see when choosing a date to contact movers

The number of belongings 

If you have a ton of stuff to move, it is ideal to contact the removals team at least one or two months prior to your target date. It will help you get things done much faster and unpack in your new home on time. Many of us tend to forget that unloading items is also part of the move. So, doing this allows us to stay on track. 


If you’re moving a lot further from your current location, you’ll need to contact your movers a few weeks before. It can help you determine an accurate estimate of moving dates and durations. 

Professional movers can help you with this because they will think of factors such as weekends, holidays, and off-days.

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