How to Choose Your Moving Date?

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November 24, 2021

So you have now decided that you need to move. Be it because of a new job, an easier route, a better location; whatever the reason, you are asking yourself how to choose a moving date because it’s the only step left to your new destination. Usually, people try settling on one after their offer for a house has been accepted. 

As soon as that’s crossed out of the checklist you will need to start organizing your list of things that are yet to be done. Starting from choosing the removal company of your choice. Hiring a professional mover company will not only take loads off your shoulder but look into the matter in great detail. While you could get things done for cheaper, the damages to your goods, non-responsiveness, missed deadlines are just some of the things to look forward to. So the best thing to do is get expert help.

How to choose a moving date?

How to Choose Your Moving Date
How to Choose Your Moving Date

Choose the best time

According to the local survey, people in the UK prefer the summer season for moving. Who can blame them when the sun is bright and the kids are off school, that’s the perfect season to move. People enjoy leisure in these times so it does not come as a surprise that most people would want to move in summers. Similarly, people tend to choose Fridays for moving because that’s when the weekend starts. It's also expensive to move on Fridays rather than Sundays. If you’re looking to make a cheap move, choose winters and on a Sunday.

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Choose your moving date that goes along with the work schedule

You will need a few days off from work so schedule those holidays and notify the bosses beforehand. Plan keeping the whole packing, traveling, and unpacking schedule in mind. If you are to join a new office at your new destination plan so that you are free from the hassle of unpacking everything when you join.

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Get done with the paperwork

If you are selling off your place and have bought one, ensure that all the paperwork from both angles has been done. Similarly, if you were living in a rented place and moving to one where you will give the rent again, ensure that there are no legalities to fulfill once you're on the move. This is perhaps the most important step and will save you tons of hassle if something is amiss.

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Check the availability of the company

If you're hiring a movers company make sure you book them as per the moving dates. Waiting at the last minute might not leave them available for you. So choose your moving date after you have booked the company. The same goes for any help you are seeking from family or friends. Be sure to tell them when you are moving so that they have their schedules free to lend you a hand.

Remember, the choice of a good removals company goes a long way. They ensure that;

  • Your goods are taken care of
  • Everything goes as planned with no missed deadlines
  • There is complete transparency in the entire process.

So while choosing the dates when you move, spend some extra time researching a good mover’s company for a seamless move.

Whether it’s a small studio or a large house move, we will tailor your move to meet your requirements. We also offer additional removals services to provide a seamless and stress free moving experience.

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