How much notice do you have to give removal companies?

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
June 6, 2022

Are you ready to book your moving team? It is always best to give your removals company a notice beforehand; ideally, four to six weeks before is a perfect time.

However, if you’re moving in a pinch, at least two weeks’ notice is needed. Delaying your booking and notice time could interfere with your moving schedule significantly.  

Most individuals like being out of their current residence to the new one as soon as possible. If you wish to do the same, notifying the movers ahead of time is your best option. 4-6 weeks is a good window because most removal companies will accommodate clients with this schedule. Always remember this guide: The sooner, the better. 

However, if you’re unsure, it is best to discuss this with your choice of movers before you go ahead with the notice.

Depending on the company itself, they may require a notification earlier or even later than our suggested guideline. So, to avoid any mishap from happening, it is best to discuss such things with your choice of movers beforehand. 

If you’re wondering why moving companies need notification in the first place, we have listed a few reasons below. You can read up on the advantages of giving early notification to moving companies.

The Benefits Of Giving Early Notice To Removals 

Less Stress 

If you’re a worrier and this move has made your mind go all over the place, giving early notice to your movers helps when it comes to decreasing stress significantly. 

Trust us; you do not want last-minute worries about being later than schedule or how your movers had to delay your date because of last-minute notice. 

The earlier the notice period, the less you will worry about things that could go wrong.

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It Helps You Stay On Schedule

Most people like being on schedule. They want each day to count: to move into their new place as fast as possible. And to achieve this, giving early notice to the removals team can help you. You will be able to get a schedule and a date locked in by your movers so that you know your target date. 

It can help with pre-planning, packing, and storage. Otherwise, a last-minute fuss can put you behind on so many things. 

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It Helps The Movers 

Early notification is helpful to movers because now, they can plan to serve you better. They will also need their strategies and processes designed specifically for your property. And although they are professionals, they do need to prepare. So, having enough time on their hands will let them come up with the best moving process catered to your needs.

This will then leave no room for error. 

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What about short notice moves?

Although we did mention it is ideal to notify your movers four to six weeks before the target date, short notice moves can also be catered. 

At ILikeTo, our team will try our best to work on your schedule. Remember that this option is most suitable for off-season moving, typically during working days because holidays can be much busier. 

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