How Long Does It Take To Load A Removal Van?

Ray Victor
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September 25, 2023

When you hire a team of movers to help you pack up and leave, you think about several things. For example, how long will the entire move take to load up a removal van or how long will it take? Questions like these are not uncommon to a removals company, and we try our best to answer every one of your queries. 

The simple answer to this is that it depends. No two jobs are the same, and each time a removals team loads up a van, it will be different. Things like dismantling furniture or how many floors of the property are supposed to be packed can all play a role in the time it will take. 

The solution

If you’re super curious as to how long it could take a removals team to load up their moving van for you, the best thing is for you to get an estimate. 

At I Like To, we offer clients home surveys that help determine the amount of work needed. It also helps figure out how long it can take to load up the moving van. 

For smaller homes, I Like To offers a free online home survey. It can help someone with a small to medium-sized property figure out pricing, duration, and other details. 

However, for clients with large properties, we recommend an on-site survey. An on-site survey is not only several times more accurate, but it helps determine many other things too. 

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Benefits of doing home surveys

Our team believes that doing home surveys before you begin your contract with a removals company is essential. It helps you figure out costs, timing, and the amount of work involved. 

Plus, doing a home survey also allows the removals company to organize their work schedule according to your needs more efficiently. 

It will allow them to put in more tailored work and helps both parties plan ahead of time. If you’re hiring a removals company, doing a home survey before the move is your best bet. 

Other Services At I LikeTo Move It Removals

Furniture Disassembly

As an additional service, the team at ILikeTo offers clients the chance to avail of furniture disassembly. Our team dismantles your beds and other complex furniture before packing. 

We possess the correct tools needed to dismantle your furniture with safety. We do this in a secure and accurate way to avoid any chance of damage, cracks, or even the tiniest of scratches. 

Storage service

Whether you’re moving ten minutes or an hour away, if you require storage services, ILikeTo has you covered. We offer clients premium storage units to help safe-keep their belongings for as long as they need. 

The best part is, our prices are competitive. We are allowing you to avail the best deal. Our storage services will enable you to stay stress-free while we do the work for you. 

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Expert packaging

The best removals solution, our team offers clients some of the best packing services in the UK. Our team qualifies the skills to help you achieve optimal packaging techniques for the safety of your belongings. 

Protective packaging such as bubble wrap and heavy-duty boxes allow us to keep even the most fragile belongings completely safe for transport

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