8 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Ray Victor
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September 15, 2023

Moving houses is a stressful experience especially if you’re juggling quite a few things at once. Even the littlest things can add to the frustration and delays. Without a planned approach important tasks lay forgotten and steer away from a clear path. On the other hand, having a streamlined approach can certainly help avoid many hassles.

We at I like to Move it, with years of experience in the removal process know firsthand what works and which mistakes to avoid. By the time, you’ve done reading this article you will know too well which mistakes to avoid to get a seamless moving process.

Common mistakes to avoid when moving

Getting the wrong removals company

The removals company that you hire has the greatest impact on the whole moving process. These guys will have your home items including your valuables. Getting a professional company to do the job will ensure that you move at the right time without any problems like breakages or delays. Before deciding on a company, it is always wise to do a little background check on their credentials and certifications.

Rewarded the “International Standard for Quality Management System” and “Domestic & Commercial Removals & Storage Activities”, I like to move it is a certified removals company in London. With an expert staff here, you can say goodbye to your moving worries.

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Not Labelling

A seamless moving process requires organization and labeling boxes is on top of the list. Without labeling, you will just do hit and trials during the unpacking phase with scattered boxes, wasted days, and possible damages. Without a label, how on earth will you know which box goes in which room?

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Not sorting

We cannot emphasize enough how important this step is to a smooth moving process. Decluttering and sorting everything will clear out all the unused items giving you more space to work in, carry lighter and even help you make some extra cash.

Packing incorrectly 

Do you think you can pack a book the same way you pack your wine glasses? The answer is no. Having said that, many people do not take this seriously enough and end up having loads of damaged goods and the sole reason being; incorrect packing. When you pack, try to use the same box that the product you purchased came in and use tons of good quality packing materials.

Packing on the upper floors

Don’t consider bringing your packed 77 inch LCD from the top floor to the ground a breeze, because it will be anything but. Many people make the mistake of packing large and heavy items on the top floors and then bringing them downstairs, on their own. It's always a bad idea and we have many stories of broken bones and valuables to prove it. So always pack your heavy-duty things downstairs or get help if you are a penthouse person.

Leaving stuff until the last minute

The heading requires no explanation. Just try to pre-plan everything so that you’re not stuck in any last-minute confusion.

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Leaving all the important paperwork undone

Before you plan to move to a new place, ensure that you fulfill all the paperwork of the house that you are currently living in as well as the one that your new house requires. This step is vital to keep your moving process as smooth as possible.

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Not getting a pre-move survey from the removals company

A pre-move survey before you move will make the company know what kind of strategies they need to adopt that will best suit your items. Failing to get one will cause unnecessary problems and delays which could otherwise have been avoided. 

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