Should I go for cheap piano removals?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

Are you looking for a UK piano-moving business that offers affordable piano-moving services? Are you debating between pricey and affordable options when searching for them?

You need to understand that, after all, the word "cheap" is frequently associated with inferior goods. But, reputation should be more considerable than anything else, especially when trying to check a piano removal firm. Also, it is now simpler than ever to check the qualifications of a piano removal firm owing to the internet era.

Anything that you could ever want to know is available on the internet. Companies actively use the internet to highlight their strengths so potential customers and clients (like yourself) can see how good they are. The same is true for most piano removal firms. You can know about 3-4 piano removal companies in the UK by looking them up on the internet. However, there is the consideration of whether you want the job done skillfully, with minimal damage, and a job done cheaply, with an unknown and untrustworthy company.

Quality vs quantity

Choosing a business that offers cheap piano removals is OK if they have the right tools and resources to transport your specific kind of piano. For instance, a lower-quality acoustic piano may only weigh a few hundred pounds, especially if it was recently manufactured. However, a classical grand piano may weigh up to 800 pounds. Therefore, if your acoustic piano weighs just a few hundred pounds, you might not have trouble trusting a less costly piano removal firm to carry it.

On the other hand, a classical grand piano that is hundreds of years old could be quite expensive. Such a piano has to be carefully handled and protected from harm by the piano movers in London that you choose. They must put in place the appropriate safety measures. This guarantees that your piano isn't dented, scratched or damaged. Otherwise, it can hurt the piano's worth. Dents and scratches, yet tiny, also affect the piano's appearance and aesthetic.

Thus, you should choose a skilled and trustworthy company. Experience and expertise while handling something as important as a piano is very important. You can find a less costly service anywhere. But, just because it's easier on the pocket does not mean it can do the job just as well. Saving money while hiring cheap labour might cost you more money in the long haul.


Because of this, you should be ready. The first question you must ask any moving company is whether they provide grand piano transportation. Especially if it is in their policy to move, it is preferable if the business provides some insurance coverage for its services. Older grand pianos have become collectables. Thus, if the piano shipment to the UK doesn't go as smoothly as planned, you'll want to be paid for the damages.

Generally, a professional piano removal business can transport a grand piano from a home or apartment without damaging it. Even if you find a service provider with less expensive rates, they could still be competent in what they do. Just read their reviews and do a Google search on their name to confirm their reputation.

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