How to Pack the Living Room for Moving

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 24, 2023

What time is better to practice your packing skills than when you move? There will be plenty of opportunities to learn other things. But, basic level packing is a skill everyone should know.

Anyone moving out soon knows how overwhelming it can be to pack your living room. The wide range of intricate items in your lounge makes packing seem overwhelming. Most people use their living room just up until moving out, so packing it can seem tough.

A game plan that lets you pack and move out easily is all that's needed. Follow our step-by-step packing process to make packing your living room an easier job. Living rooms typically consist of all types of furniture, like sofas, tables, and lamps.

All these items are large and not the easiest to pack up and leave. So, keep reading our ultimate guide to moving your living room.

Hire professionals

Remember, professional asistance is what makes your move the easiest one yet. You move your entire space with practically zero stress or hassle. Hiring professional movers is like an investment because it gives you physical and mental relief. By hiring our expert movers, you achieve reliable and professional help that knows how to do their job.

Contact us today to get started on your house removals!

Create a checklist

Creating a checklist during your move is an excellent idea. It helps you keep track from start to finish.

You can always tally back to your checklist if you seem to have forgotten about your progress. For example, when moving a living room, you should give your sofas and chairs a cleaning. An important step like this can be hectic and make you forgetful.

A checklist will help keep you updated on things exactly like this that you might need to take care of before, during, or after the move.

You can also use your checklist as an inventory stash by listing all your tools and moving materials.

Declutter your things

Remember, the fewer things you have to move, the easier it will be. Decluttering your living room before moving helps reduce stress and make management easy.

You can sell, gift, or donate any items that you think are no longer needed by you. A minimalist lifestyle when it comes to living is so much easier and healthier to maintain. Holding onto old, useless items will make your job harder, so think wisely.

If you choose to sell some of your things, you save and earn money simultaneously! Keep only things you need or cherish enough to keep.

Use plastic/bubble wrap on everything.

The number one tip for DIY movers is to use bubble/plastic wrap. It is an easy and cheap tool that transforms your furniture - Making it easier to move out.

If you have intricate décor pieces that are shaped weirdly, bubble wrap is your go-to! Wrap it around until you achieve a shape like a circle or square. These shapes are easier to pack and stay uniform during the move.

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