How does our self-storage work?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

Self-storage is a frequently used term that many homeowners look up when they need to store their goods or house items. But what is self-storage, and why do you need it?

Self-storage is units or compartments where you can store stuff that you either don't need immediately or want to store away for extra space around the house. It is one of the most affordable, secure, and convenient options for homeowners and businesses looking for additional storage spaces. Self-storage allows people to safely store their goods without relocating, discarding, or selling them.

Storing your stuff with us is like having a spare room outside your house. It may even feel like having a small warehouse where you can easily pop in from time to time. A secure and accessible unit for all your things to see and take away.

But many people are confused about how our storage works. So the blog is dedicated to helping you understand the process.

Decide on the items you want in storage

first, you need to see and check the things you want to send to a storage unit. For this, declutter all your stuff and make piles you want to send away. This step will help you:

1. clear out your home

2. make more space

3. keep an organized approach to the whole process.

Choose your storage space.

It's often a little confusing to know how much storage you will need for all your things, and we don't expect you to know the exact number. For this, get in touch with our respective staff to help you figure it out. We use space estimators to determine just how much storage unit you need to best store your goods with us. Nailing down the right size will also help you cut extra space costs. So, call or revisit us to get the exact quote for your storage needs.

Reserve your space

After you receive the quote from us, you can easily reserve your space. If satisfied, we will guide you in booking your room with us. If you need to change your storage moving-in date, no worries, you can call us, and we'll sort it to what works for you.

Pack it up

The next step would be to pack up the stuff you want. We offer to pack it for you, but you can do it yourself too. Our experts will arrive at your door with the necessary packing materials on the designated date and load them safely in our transport vehicles to take to our storage facility.

Self- storage

We will then store your items in our state-of-the-art self-storage units which are climate controlled to keep your things safe. We also CCTV monitor everything to keep them safe at all times. You can easily find trolleys to remove or replace anything in our storage unit.

Storing your items with us will ensure your peace of mind that you can come to retrieve them anytime. Happy Storing!

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