Storage Solutions: Self-Storage or Containerized Storage

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
April 27, 2024

Need extra space for storage but unable to move into a bigger home at the moment? No worries. These two types of storage can help you get the required space for your stuff in no time. Having the ability to rent a space for your extra valuables sounds like a good idea, especially for those who can no longer use up space in their homes. 

The two types: Containerised and self-storage, are two very appropriate solutions. But what is the difference? And more importantly, what is the better option for you? To help you understand all of this, we have created this guide. 

Self Storage 

Self-storage spaces resemble single garages with metal roller doors in appearance. It typically forms a major portion of a building's or mini-storage facility's storage units. After pulling up to the door, you unload your cargo. Self-storage facilities assist in keeping items that are unlikely to be used frequently. However, if you intend to store stuff, you'll often need to keep in mind that you'll need to go back and forth each time you need something.

Additionally, you have many more options for unit sizes, preventing you from overpaying for the square footage you don't require. The dimensions of our storage spaces range from a single locker to a double garage. Another important advantage is that your storage will be indoors and shielded from variations in weather and temperature. Most facilities may offer you help, packing supplies, loading and transportation services, insurance, and even temperature controls. Numerous units also provide the flexibility you require by being accessible daily. 

Benefits of self-storage include:

  • Having 24/7 access to your storage. You can grab or leave anything rather quickly when using self-storage as an option. 
  • Super secure. Self-storage is usually and most likely a more secure and safe solution to storage. Most self-storage facilities use physical security guards, video surveillance, and limited entries. 
  • It is flexible. Since you will always have access or at least more access than other types of storage, self-storage is an extremely flexible solution. 

Containerized storage 

The opposite is true of container storage. Its name comes from the fact that the early locations were fields full of shipping containers of many colors, sizes, and shapes that anyone could rent and store things in. Many sites' stance on this has stayed the same. Typically, these are isolated outdoor areas like guarded compounds or warehouses. Since there are no other expenses, renting one is typically quite affordable. Depending on the location you select, you can have more freedom to store anything you want and be able to enter your unit whenever you want, or you might need to schedule access in advance.

However, you give up a lot of the safety and assurance that come with a self-storage facility, like on-site personnel, climate control, and ancillaries like packaging supplies, office space, or a greater selection of unit sizes.

Benefits of using containerized storage include:

  • With the ability for customization, there are many storage container sizes.
  • You are free to choose when and where you want it delivered
  • Pay monthly and adjust as necessary.
  • 24/7 continuous, unrestricted access to your possessions.
  • Most containers are bug and weather-resistant.
  • You may transport your possessions anywhere with portable units.

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