How to Pack Silverware for Moving?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 26, 2023

The silverware you own is a previous investment and one that needs care during a pack and move. If you are moving soon, packing your silverware might seem daunting. It’s not unusual that many homeowners dread the kitchen area above everything else because of the large number of items of different shapes and sizes stored in the area. If you’re one of them, this article will tell you how to do it seamlessly. 

Silverware deserves special care and attention when packing. But, unfortunately, it’s one of those items you can’t just bundle together and call a day. No, silverware consists of precious metals that are sharp and can cause abrasion, scratches, or other kinds of damage if packed like that. So here is how you can do it seamlessly.

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Packing Silverware Step-by-Step Guide 

Clean and polish your silverware before packing

We recommend using non-gel and nonabrasive toothpaste for the job. Use a small soft cloth and dab a little on it. Then rub it onto the jewellery or silverware in circular motions to polish and clean it. Leave the paste for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water. Dry with a soft cloth at the very end. 

Wrap it up 

Remember, all silver-made items are at risk of being tarnished. Therefore, you first need to wrap them up individually on clean paper. This can either be an unprinted packing or tissue paper. 

Make bundles 

Next, make small bundles of similar silver pieces like a bunch of spoons together. And wrap them together in plastic wrap. You must do that for all the details and place them together in a silverware tray. Once all your pieces are bundled nicely and inside the tray, you must secure the whole tray with the plastic wrap and repeat it around it several times. This way, all the items will not be loose and clasped together while still not rubbing into each other. 

We also recommend covering the tray with bubble wrap at the end further protect it from damage. When placing it into a moving box, ensure it is the right size. Using one too big will only shift the items around during movement. Always fill gaps with old soft fabrics, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam. 

In the end, tape the box close and label it. Happy moving!

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