Can you move a piano on your own?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 26, 2023

Pianos are incredible pieces of instruments that have inspired thousands of musicians and people around the world. Strumming those keys has been linked to higher intelligence, reduced anxiety, and a feeling of calm. Having one in your home is nothing short of luxury but moving one is quite the opposite.

Heavy, large, and fragile, a piano is every house owner's worst nightmare when moving one. So it's no wonder that moving one can be extremely dangerous. Without the right equipment, training and workforce, you are in significant danger if you plan to move a piano on your own.

We always recommend hiring professional movers to move your piano since they are trained experts that can manage the task efficiently since it is their job. In addition, professionals have the right equipment to pack and move large and heavy items without damage.

But if you want to embark on the journey of moving the piano yourself, be sure to do your research. In this blog, we are detailing how to move your piano step by step. Missing the steps might cost you or your piano. We're talking about a piece that's 750 pounds, so you must be wary of everything.

Get the right equipment.

Moving a piano, no matter the size requires the right equipment to pack and move it. Get the ramp to carry it in addition to essential packing supplies like packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and furniture blankets.

Start measuring

After packing the piano properly, you will need to measure the doorways, stairways, and hallways from which it has to pass. Make a passage where the piano fits through easily, does not have obstacles along the way, and is the safest route in the house.

Use a tape measure to get the accurate number, and then plan your route accordingly. You will also need this measurement to determine the moving van or truck size you will need for relocation.

Pack the piano

Try using moving blankets to cover the piano's lid: keys, and all of its sides: and then tape them into place. With moving blankets and tape, individually wrap each leg and pedal. You can load the legs and pedals onto a hand truck to move more quickly and easily.

Ask for help

Don't forget to ask for help. Every helping hand matters because moving such a large and heavy item like a piano is no walk in the park. You are mistaken if you think you can pick and lift it yourself. It is not uncommon to see people land in an emergency with a compromised limb now and then.

With help, you will still have to move the piano through a ramp or trolley. As soon as you get it safely on top of the equipment, gently push it through the house; then, you have to take it to the moving van. Remember not to move too fast because a piano has many delicate components that you may damage.

So there you have it. First, we recommend contacting a professional piano removal company to relocate your piano. But with this guide, we hope you will not have too much trouble. Happy moving!

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