How to Pack a Mirror for Moving

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Mirrors are undoubtedly some of the most complex things to pack for moving. However, that doesn’t mean packing them is impossible. 

Mirrors are large, heavy, and highly fragile. This makes packing them harder than other average items in your home. Fortunately, we have found a way around these stubborn items. 

Taking a few straightforward steps and following safety guidelines can help anyone pack a mirror. So, no matter what size your mirror is, let’s see the best way for you to pack it for moving. 

For small mirrors 

If your mirror is small enough to fit in a regular box, wrap it in bubble wrap a few times to make it secure. Small mirrors are easier to handle when moving. 

Thanks to the small mirror size, they do not need much safety. But, that doesn’t mean they cannot break. Bubble wrap is a great way to help keep them safe for travel and then placing inside a box. 

You can wrap the mirror with bubble wrap just until you feel it looks secure. The wrap will act as cushioned padding to help keep it safe from cracking or breaking. 

For big mirrors 

You will need

  • A mirror box
  • Bubble wrap
  • Strong tape 
  • Cardboard 
  • Permanent marker 
  1. Invest in mirror boxes

Mirror boxes are some of the best things to pack mirrors in. They are safer, easier, and more customizable. They provide a safer guard against damage to your mirrors and are worth the find. 

They are readily available at any home improvement/appliance store. 

Follow a standard guide when looking for boxes for your mirror. A general rule is to buy a box that is at least twenty percent bigger than your mirror. 

  1. Prep your mirror 
  • If your mirror is large, measure two cardboard pieces to fit the front and the back of your mirror. Cover the mirror in between the two pieces like a sandwich. 
  • You can use super adhesive tape to secure the cardboard pieces with the mirror. Once secure, follow through with the next step. 
  • After your mirror is wrapped inside the cardboard to your liking, wrap the body with bubble wrap. 
  • Bubble wrap is an excellent tool when moving intricate pieces of furniture, like a mirror. The bubble wrap will help boost protection by creating padding for your mirror. 
  • Once secure, gently lift your mirror and slide it into the box. If your mirror is too heavy, ask for a hand. Make sure the box isn’t too big for your mirror. 

A box that is too big could make room for potential damage. A great tip when you can’t find the correct size box for your mirror is to wrap extra layers of bubble wrap on the mirror. It will help make it large in size and sit tighter in the box. 

Why not hire expert packers that make the job easier for you? Book and complete your move hassle-free with some of the best removals in London. 

Remember, getting too small of a box can also lead to damage. 

Pro Tip: Once you have your mirror inside the box, use a permanent marker to write Fragile on top of it. This lets your movers or anyone else know that it contains something breakable.

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