How to Pack a Bed and Bedding for Moving?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
December 11, 2022

Moving a house will need you to pack and move all the essentials and a bed is one of them. While packing and moving to bed will be a breeze, handling a bed for a move will be a complicated task. This is mostly because of the weight and the size of the item. But we have a comprehensive guide to help you to pack a bed and bedding for moving.

Hire a removals company

Now before you get into packing and moving the bed yourself it is important to know if you will be able to handle the task yourself. As we mentioned before, the job is not easy and if you think you will need help it is time to get in touch with a removals company.

A professional removals company will handle all the difficulties o moving and packing a bed seamlessly. With a trained and skilled task, they will have no difficulty lifting, packing, and moving the item to the new location. Most homeowners don’t have enough manpower, know-how, and experience and may hurt themselves or the item during the move.

Clean your bedding

Strip everything off your bed and give them a nice clean wash. These include pillows, throws, mattress toppers, cushions, and bedsheets. Once they are dry, put them all in a box wrapped in a large polythene bag to keep them safe from dust and moisture.

Disassemble the bed

If you have a bed that is easy to dismantle like a divan, there won’t be much you will have to do. Just get the two parts apart and you’re done.

If there is something complicated like a four-post or an electric bed, get on all fours with tools and get the screws and bolts out. Secure all the parts in zip locks and label them so you know what goes where during assembly.

 Remember if the task gets too complicated you can always ask for help. We at I Like To Move It Move It Removals are experienced furniture disassemblers and can help with you the task.

If you are doing the task yourself, label and secure the removed parts so you don’t lose them.

Start packing

Pack the mattress

You will have to pack the mattress before the bed. For this, we recommend covering it with a special mattress bag and then covering the whole thing with old sheets and tablecloths. In the end, secure everything with tape.

Pack the bed

Use old sheets to pack the bed frame and the foot. Then bubble wrap everything. Use extra packing materials on the sides because they are the most prone to scratches and notches. In the end tape everything together. We recommend moving the bed in a van instead of a small vehicle. Vans have more space where the bed can be placed securely.

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