When Should You Start Packing For The Move?

Ray Victor
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July 27, 2023

Packing for a move remains the most time-consuming and difficult task. At the same time, it is also the most important one. But, with the right strategy, you can accomplish the task of packing for the move without any hitch. 

The strategy we will discuss here mostly revolves around being on time. So, when it comes to answering the question of when you should start packing for the move: the answer is simple, as soon as you can. Ideally, this should be 2 to 3 weeks before the moving date. When you start early, you get more time to manage other tasks that also need your attention. 

Here we have a step-by-step guide for you to help you prepare for the move. 

Time: 6-8 weeks before the move

Start by cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your house and overall space before packing for the move. Decide what to take along and what to donate or discard. This step will help you sort through your stuff. It will also help you pack fewer things: by the time you are done. 

Time: 5 weeks before the move 

If you want to make some extra cash, sell some of the stuff you piled during the purge. For others that could use a second home, donate it. For things that are too worn out for a second chance, you can put them in the trash. 

Time: 4 weeks before the move 

Call a moving service.

If you’re thinking of out-source your move, here is the time to decide which movers you want to go with. Start by doing research, asking around, and getting quotes. Finalize on the company that fits your budget, caters to your special needs and requirements, and is available at the time you want the move to take place. Always decide on a company that has a credible reputation and has past reviews to back that claim. 

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Options for moving yourself

If you’re moving, get in touch with a rental service that will provide you with transportation. Consider renting a mobile storage pod to load your things in and drop them off at the new place. You can always seek help from friends and family, especially if you’re trying to save money on the side. They can help by donating you with packing boxes, transporting a few things, or even lending a hand to pack.  

Time: 2-3 weeks before the move 

Here is when you should consider packing for the move. It should easily take you about 2-3 weeks if you’re doing it yourself. Gather all the essentials for the packing, go from room to room, and start by packing the non-essentials first. But if you’ve hired a moving company for the job, it will only take them a few days: so this step can be done a week before in this case. 

Time: 1 week before the move 

You should now finalize everything and add finishing touches to the move in this step. Send in any last-minute instructions to the moving company you have hired or check off some pending tasks you had. 

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