Tips: How to Move your Wine Collection?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
April 27, 2024

If you have a wine collection in your home, it must have taken you plenty of time and effort to maintain it. A wine collection is a large investment that homeowners feel proud of and greatly value. Thinking of relocating may therefore put you under a lot of stress and you may be thinking of how to do it safely.

There are two ways to move your wine collection: either by yourself or by hiring an expert moving company. Whatever you may choose to do, in this article we will cover both aspects while at the same time equip you with the best tips for moving your wine cellar safely to the new location. So, read on.

Top tips to move your wine collection safely  

Moving the collection, yourself

If your wine collection comprises a small number of bottles, you could consider relocating it yourself. While they may still be at risk of being handled by non-professionals, being careful and, planning everything out might help.

Remember that you will require quality packing materials to protect the bottles during transport. You can't just wrap them in old blankets and consider the work done. There are special wine packing boxes that you will have to buy that are made of cardboard or Styrofoam that keep the wine well-protected and cushioned during movement.

You can get those boxes at stores that sell wine. Another important aspect is to be gentle with the bottles and take your time packing them. Remember we are dealing with glass here, and with just a single slip you may risk flushing 9 pounds down the toilet. Stack them safely in the vehicle and remember not to overburden the load.

Moving the Wine through Professionals

We recommend hiring experts to move your wine collection especially if it is large. Also, you can never beat their expertise, skills, tools, and proficiency. Professional movers are not only qualified for the job unlike yourself, but they also know what time of packing materials to use and how to transport them safely.

If you are moving to another country, hiring professional moving services is a must. This is especially a must at the customs, the company will certify that you are moving the wine for yourself and not for importing the wine for trade.

Also when relocating internationally be sure to check the destination country’s rules for importing alcohol. It is also important that you move your wine collection in climate-controlled moving vehicles. Extreme weather conditions negatively affect the quality of your wine. 

Professional moving companies have climate-controlled moving vehicles that keep the wine at the optimal temperature to contain its quality.

After moving your wine collection

When you relocate, it is recommended that you leave your bottles to rest for at least a week. This will help them conserve their flavor which the movement might have disrupted. For older bottles especially some wine collectors recommend having the rest of the bottle for at least a month before using them.

After the resting period, invite friends over to toast to your new life in your new home!

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