Best Health and Safety Tips When Moving Home in the UK

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Everyone is looking for a quick and efficient relocation when moving home. From worrying about everything getting to the new house safely to dealing with other concerning matters like gathering relevant documents etc, there is no end to the stress one takes. But there is one other priority one should not forget: keeping yourself safe and healthy during the whole moving process.

Moving home can pose potential risks if one is not careful. With our years of experience helping thousands of homeowners move in the UK, we have gathered some useful tips to keep yourself healthy and safe:

Tips for moving safely

It’s easy to lose yourself in the hustle of the moving process. but by keeping the following tips in mind you can reduce your risk of putting yourself in danger.

Do not overload your boxes

There should be a weight limit on the boxes you pack. Nothing should be beyond 18 kilos. This protects you from forming any neck, arm, or back injuries, the box breaking, and the contents falling on your feet. Post relocation many people complain of injuries in the said areas of the body and it's only because of lifting things beyond the standard weight limit.

Be aware of safe lifting techniques

Safe lifting techniques apply to everything even if they aren’t as heavy. You have to have a particular posture to limit injuries and move things around. Practice this by:

  • Keeping your back straight while lifting an object
  • Squat down and never bend your back while lifting
  • Evenly lift the object using both hands
  • Distribute the weight of the object evenly between your two legs and hands
  • Keep your eyes ahead
  • Make sure there is no obstruction in the way
  • Walk at a slow pace

Keep the hazards in perspective

Make a list of the potential hazards you can face during the packing and moving process. Is there a flight of stairs, bumping floors, or self-closing hinges on the doors? Make a list of the potential hazards you can face being safe.

Professional removal companies keep tabs on these kinds of hazards for a seamless and efficient relocation and packing process.

Check your attire

Try to wear full-sleeved and full pants to avoid getting scrapes or cuts when you move around packing and lifting things. Another great tip is to wear non-slip footwear. Slippers and flip-flops for example will only help in tripping over and sliding down the stairs with you holding those big boxes.

Use tools

You won’t be able to move everything. So know your limits and use helpful tools like a dolly or cart to move things around and to the truck.

Leave stuff you can’t handle to the experts

You will not be able to manage everything on your own. Asking professionals to intervene will not only cut down your stress, and make everything ten times faster but also risk-free. Professional removals know how to move and transport things without damaging them and causing themselves harm. So if you have the budget, hire a professional removals company to help you relocate to London.

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