How to Lift Heavy Objects by Yourself?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 24, 2023

Moving homes comes at a cost of many things, and something that tops the list is the need to move and lift heavy objects. Things like your extravagant LCD, the sofa, your king-sized bed that you paid so much for are all heavy-weight items. Lifting them is no easy feat unless your superman. So how to lift heavy objects by yourself without compromising your back? Lucky for you we have some top tips to help you along the way.

Another reason to consider moving or lifting heavy objects by yourself is that usually, these objects are also some with an extravagant price tag. Moving them on your own is bound to cause damage and replacement is not easy for most. Fortunately, this article not only prevents disc slips but also minimizes damages to your goods.

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How to lift heavy objects correctly?

how to lift heavy objects by yourself

Analyze the product

If you’re thinking about how to lift a heavy object safely this step is the most important. The weight is not your only problem but other things also matter. Ask yourself;

  • What is the shape of the item?
  • How well can you move it?
  • What is the best place for lifting?
  • Can you use the rollers?
  • Is the object well balanced?
  •  Is there a way to dismantle it for easy movement?

Most items like a bed can be easily dismantled so consider these aspects to make the move as seamless as possible. For large boxes, things can get tricky because the weak spots can crack. So having a fair bit of knowledge about the piece can work wonders.

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Use the best route

Is there a stairway to cross? Which doorway is large enough to move the object? Answering these questions can also help moving heavy objects. Clearing the path and letting the children know not to be in the way will also help you get across in no time. Jotting down the safest, smallest, and the easiest path will help you out.

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Ready, Set…

Get into the right position to lift off that weight. Ensure that your feet are about your shoulder length apart and the back is straight. Squat and keep your eyes on the route ahead. With a firm grasp on the object lift it with your hands keeping it steady, and move to victory.


Now is the trickiest and the most important bit- to move with the load. Before you start moving, however, ensure that this is something you can do well. If you face any problems like;

  • The load is slipping
  • You can’t keep steady
  • You’re unsure if you can pull this through

Remember it's always better to seek help rather than compromise your health or damage an expensive piece. If you feel any of the above-mentioned points stop immediately and ask for help.

If you’re all clear and think you can make it, move along keeping a firm grasp on the object and a slow pace to your destination.

Just before dropping the load, get down to the squatting position again with your back straight and set it down gently.

This article is for moving small to medium-sized items only. For heavyweight champions like a piano, a dining table, etc. only a professional should be called. I like to Move It, is the only company that will provide a seamless solution and moves heavy objects across to the destination of your choice.

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