The most Stressful Thing about Moving a House and its Solution

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 29, 2023

An average Brit moves around three to four times in their lifetime. While there have been many milestones that are marked stressful, moving home has been ranked number one by the massive majority. In London especially, most Brits relocate to find more space and a change of scenery and lifestyle but the event in their terms, “is the most stressful than anything they have done before”.

If we try to nail this further down, there are some aspects of the move that seem to be more stressful than others. The two main suspects that trigger the stress hormones are: packing and moving the items. But as professional movers that have been in this line of work for decades, we blame a lack of planning and organization to lead to a stressful move. And so in this blog, we will talk about these two main stressors and give you the solution to overcome them.

How to move without bad stress?

We believe that not all stress is bad. Good stress tends to inspire and motivate people to focus on the task at hand better than they would without being triggered. This type of stress is short-term and helps you achieve your goal better. Bad stress leads to long-term triggers that eventually become anxiety, confusion, and distress.

Moving with a strategic approach leads to an organized experience that can be fulfilling. Many homeowners leave the most important tasks till the end which leads to chaos, frustration, and bad stress. So when you discover that you will have to move, get to work right away. Book the removals before they are no longer available and get started on the paperwork as soon as possible.

How to de-stress packing?

Packing takes the most time in the whole moving process. the best way to eliminate the stress related to it is:

  • Get started as early as possible if you are moving.
  • Gather the required packing materials
  • Start packing one room at a time. Starting with the areas that are not used as much, like the guest bedroom.
  • If you are hiring the removals for the job, book them before they run out of a slot on your moving dates.

How to de-stress moving your items?

Another factor that puts most homeowners on the edge is moving the items from their current home to the destination. If the items are well-packed with the required packing materials such as bubble wrap, then they won’t stress about the move much. The actual stress attached to moving is getting their items damaged. So packing them the right way can help. Some of the other things you can try are:

  • Getting an appropriate moving vehicle in time.
  • Using kinetic lifting to move the goods, if you will lift them yourself.
  • Setting the moving boxes correctly. Remember not to top them with too much weight from the other boxes.
  • Hiring professional movers for the job.

We have been serving the North London community with exceptional moving services for decades. Ease your stress, and give us a call today to handle all aspects of your move!

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