How do you pack fast in 2022

Ray Victor
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July 27, 2023

A last-minute move can be an exhilarating task. The stress of moving successfully till the due date when you are short on time can make anyone feel anxious. With most removal companies booked for the season, your spirits only falter. So what can you do? Fortunately, with years of experience moving and packing fast, we know how you can pack your house fast and relocate before your due date. 

Many unforeseen circumstances can lead to a quick pack and move. A new job, a promotion, your dream house finally vacating or you just moving near your ailing parents can all lead to one. But whatever your reasons may be, packing fast requires you to first stop panicking. 

Anxiety, panic, and dread about the move can all cause you to numb your mind which can make the whole process fail. Steer this stress towards planning the move, and getting a hands-on approach towards everything. 

Make a checklist 

Pace through the house and make notes of things that you will be relocating, getting rid of, and donating. For the items that you will move to the new house, you will know exactly how much packing material and boxes you will need to move them. 

Get the relevant packing supplies 

Going to and fro to the packing supplies will only waste time. Get enough packing material and moving boxes to cover the move. Don’t worry if you get some extra stuff along the way. In case you don’t have time, you can always order packing supplies online from us and we will deliver them to your door. 

Another tip to pack quickly is to use old blankets, sweaters, and old clothes as fillers in the packing boxes to fill up space instead of wrapping and taping extra bubble wrap. 

Pack away 

When you pack your things try to use little boxes instead of using large and heavy ones. You can spread the contents around them because lifting heavier ones will be hard and will cost you time. 

Ask for help 

You can always seek the help of family and friends to help you pack up quickly. The more hands, the quicker everything will flow. Ask for their availability and plan a packing session together to save time. 

Hire professionals

Some great removals in London can help you do a quick little move while you focus on the important stuff. We have years of experience doing such moves and can handle all the nitty gritty attached to it effortlessly. 

Count on us to save you time, effort, and danger. We have seen that inexperience often leads to injuries or breakage of items. Our trained staff will move all your heavy furniture like dining sets, sofas, beds, armchairs, tables, antique clocks, art, and pianos to anywhere you ask. Get in touch to get a free quote today! 

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