Golden Rules for Better Office Removals Planning

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Moving your business requires considerable time and financial investment. Always remember how much time and effort an office removal process might require. Planning the transfer is, therefore, an essential step that demands your attention. Fortunately, we can assist you; abide by these guidelines to ensure a successful relocation.

Plan the process:

  • Check your new location as you get ready to move. If it is larger than your previous one, create plans to utilize the additional room best. If it's smaller, you must be aware of how much to reduce and what to eliminate. Consider the ideal day for your move.
  • Three months before the company relocation, start looking for an office removal firm. If you have staff older than 25 to 30, start making decisions four to six months in advance. When we're talking about a company relocation, earlier is preferable.
  • Check your new home before the move to prepare. Plan how to make the extra area useful if it is larger than your previous one. If it's smaller, you must be aware of the necessary downsizing and removals. Consider which day is ideal for moving.


  • With your office’s managers, plan a budget for the entire move. This should include the costs of hiring your movers, day-to-day business expenses, and more. 
  • It is wise to then inform most of your employees about this budget. Allowing everyone to stay on the same page. Even if you don’t want to give out all the details of the move, setting a budget is efficient.  
  • Examine your insurance possibilities. To determine the best option for your business, talk to your move agent about standard liability, selected products, and full-value insurance.


  • Be reasonable when selecting who to keep in charge as your company's move manager. It's challenging for an employee to balance their daily tasks with organizing an office move to grasp everything that needs to happen during a transfer.
  • Pay attention to the amount of time your movers require. More time spent on careful planning and scheduling results in a more effective moving procedure.
  • Your move provider will have less time to create a thorough move strategy if you wait until the last minute to coordinate an office transfer. In addition, if your moving crew can't stick to a set strategy, the logistics suffer, the move takes longer, and the cost increases.

Hire professionals

  • Any move operation that involves lifting boxes or transporting chairs could cause an employee injury, giving rise to a claim against you, your insurance, or worker's compensation. One simple approach to protect yourself is to hire expert office movers.
  • It's quite simple to misjudge how long it will take to move your company utilising your staff and a rental truck if you are not a professional mover. If your move goes differently than planned and your business is closed on Monday, the missed productivity could cost you far more than the money you would have spent on a moving firm.


  • Two to three weeks before the transfer, your employees might participate in "move training" with your mover. They will be informed of what to do and anticipate before, during, and after the moving process. The migration will be simpler the more informed your personnel are.
  • Once a week: Your mover or a worker in charge of the move should stop by the office to see how the packing is coming along. Start packing as soon as possible because it takes longer than you anticipate to pack everything, especially for a larger organization. Working out of a box occasionally is preferable to trying to finish packing.
  • The crew leaders and supervisor will stroll the office hallways two days before the transfer.

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