How to pack a house fast for a last-minute move?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

There could be many reasons for you to pack last minute. Maybe you just heard that a company hired you for your dream job, or you need to be a quick replacement for someone with an opportunity of a lifetime. Whatever the reason, the last-minute move calls for super-fast reflexes to get your house packed fast. But do not consider this a spanner in the works. This article will detail everything you can do to pack fast.

For most people, last-minute hassles are a one-way ticket to the stress planet. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are still lots you can achieve by keeping a level-headed approach to everything. Stress and anxiety will only make matters worse and slow you down.

How to pack… Fast!

Follow this guide to pack fast and get on the road.

Do not Organize

When packing for a move with lots of time on your hand, you get told by everyone to plan and follow a strategy that involves decluttering and organizing everything. We advise you to do the exact opposite simply because organizing and decluttering takes time. Instead, simply toss away the goods in the trash that you don’t want, and toss the ones you want in the moving boxes.

Pack up an essentials bag

There is no doubt that with speed you are going to be chaotic. Just to overcome this to some degree pack an essentials bag with all your necessary items: such as some important clothes, some toiletries, documents, and personal gadgets with their chargers. This will help you cut down the time to look for these important things and rummage through the stuff.

Ask for some helping hands.

Now is the right time to ask for help with all those things that you can’t manage alone. Packing tops the list along with other important tasks like collecting documents, and transporting things. You can play it like a small packing party with pass around some drinks with pizza for more fun. Just don’t get around to gossiping too much because remember you're in for a fast move.

Don’t empty the drawers.

Instead of taking out everything to pack one by one, why not leave it there and pack the whole dresser instead? Makes sense right?

Fill the drawers and seal them for moving. This approach will save you tons of time in packing. Consider stuffing the drawers with clothes, soft things, and even toys.

Don’t pack the bed linen.

Instead of packing the bedding accessories separately why not use them as packing materials? Not only will this save you lots of money but also a time of packing the linens separately. You can do this, especially around fragile items that need an extra layer of protection.

Get professionals to help you out.

A last-minute move does not mean do have to do it all yourself. Many professional moving companies in the UK can do the deed if you have the budget for it. While you concentrate on other aspects like getting all the documentation in order: the removals company can do the work for you.

These experts know their way around the last-minute move and will relocate you professionally. The plus side is they also have an insurance policy at work that can help you in case of damages. If you are moving, you will have to pay for the damages yourself.

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