Self-Storage Opinions: Use a Removals Service or Man and Van?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 26, 2023

Self-storage facilities have become THE way for people to store all their belongings safely because of low space. It is a convenient, effective, and pocket-friendly way of storing important items that you may not have space for at home. 

Sometimes, people also use self-storage facilities when they plan to go on long trips or vacations to ensure all their belongings are safe and at a known location. There are a series of reasons why one may want to use this facility, but how do you find the right company? 

There are two key services that will offer the self-storage service; A removal service or a Man and Van service. The question is, how do you distinguish between which one is better? Today, we're breaking down this exact theory to find which option best suits your needs. 

How do Man and Van's services work? 

Before we distinguish which is the better option for you, we need to identify exactly what it does. Man and Van services are becoming rapidly popular in the UK, for a good reason. It is a cost-effective way of getting your items from one place to another without trouble. As the name suggests, you will be met with one or two men and a van to help you move your items. 

It's a good way if you're someone who cannot do the physical labor involved with moving and need extra help. However, here's the negative aspect of this service. At the same time, it is super efficient, especially for elder people. Man and Van services are better for smaller moves and lesser items. 

If you have a ton of heavy and/or fragile furniture, Man and Van service may not be efficient for you. 

How do Removal services work? 

A removals service is typically a lot more flexible for bigger, more expansive moves. For example, if you have a ton of heavy or fragile stuff, you may be better off hiring a removal service. A removals service also offers more labor, so you may get three or four more helping hands instead of a man or two. 

It is also generally more helpful because it's more independent. With Man and Van services, you may have to help with a few tasks, but a removal service will take care of practically everything in your move. 

So, which is the one for you? 

Whether you're taking a long trip abroad or just need additional space for a few items, a self-storage facility will greatly help. But which is better for you, the Man & Van or the Removals service? 

Well, as mentioned, if you have fewer items that are also lightweight and you need a little hand to help move them, then Man and Van's services are perfect for you. 

But, if you have a more extensive move coming and have bigger items to move into the storage facility, consider a removals service. They can be much more intricate for more of these kinds of jobs. 

Contact ILikeTo for either of the services and get your things in a safe storage facility. 

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