How to handle all the difficulties of moving day

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

We all know that moving house can be stressful. There are too many things to think about, and you can only outsource so many of them! But we are here to tell you exactly which tasks you can leave to professionals. From switching your energy contracts in your new home, to organising a moving van, let’s make this process as swift and simple as possible.

Have you packed your bags?

When moving house, we all want to skip to the fun part: decorating and picking out new furniture. But, none of this is possible without moving all your things. And, depending on the size of your family, or how many items you have hoarded over the years, you will need help from a moving van company. We know that entrusting a company with all your belongings is a pretty big deal, so make sure you find the right company. Check out reviews, ask for a quote, and make sure you are comfortable with the services they provide.

However, remember that moving van professionals aren’t machines, so take care of them when they are moving your things! They can put their back out too. Don’t pack all your books and heavy items in one box. Instead, distribute the load across multiple boxes. Think wisely when you’re packing. As well as this, you’ll need to do all the unpacking. So make sure that you arrange your items smartly so you don’t need to take a thousand trips up the stairs.

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What happens to my energy supply?

Energy supply is often something people don’t think about when they are moving house. This is because, like we said, there are so many other, more fun things to think about. However, consider how and when you want to set up your gas and electricity supply when you are moving house. If you only end up switching suppliers a few months after moving in, you will find that your energy bills are too high and you will definitely have overpaid. This is because you will be put on a default tariff before being able to switch. So, do your research ahead of time and switch suppliers as soon as possible. Opting for affordable and green tariffs, such as Economy 10 electricity plans, will save you lots of money in the long run, and are a foolproof way to save on your energy bills.

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What if I’m renting a property?

If you are in charge of your utility bills in your rented property, then you will have to organise who you want to supply your home with gas and electricity. However, if your landlord is the one in charge of your energy, then you won’t have to do anything! If you aren’t sure who the responsibility lies on, then check out your tenancy agreement, since this will give you all the information you need to know. Also, be warned: if you don’t sort out your energy contracts if you are the person responsible for this, and damage is caused to the property as a result, such as frozen pipes, then you will be liable to pay for this.

If your landlord is in charge of your energy supply and you aren’t happy with your bills or you want a different plan altogether, then you are allowed to question your bill. Check out Ofgem’s guide to tenants’ rights to make sure you know what you are liable for.

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Switch suppliers for the best rate!

You can’t switch suppliers until the day you move in, so you will almost certainly have to be on a default tariff for at least a month. Remember that you still need to inform your supplier when you move home. Do this at least 48 hours before you leave. You will receive a final bill which you should settle quickly to avoid any late payments and complications.

Switching suppliers is very easy and doesn’t require any time or effort from you. Take a moment to consider what type of plan you want to switch to and then you can get in touch with a price comparison service who can switch you over to the best plan on the market for you.

So, to sum up: moving day is associated with being stressful and difficult. However, it really doesn’t have to be. With the right moving van to help you with everything, and planning your utilities ahead of time, the day should go very smoothly without any bumps in the road.

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