Moving small without furniture

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
April 27, 2024

With inflation on the rise, many people are worried about moving into new homes. With so many costs involved: the process is not everyone’s cup of tea. The only control one has in this scenario is over the removal fees. 

Hiring a removal company allows you to choose the services you want and only pay for them. Your final decisions will affect the overall bill.

The removal costs are pretty straightforward: the more items you move, the higher price you will pay. People looking for cheaper ways to move may consider the option of moving small without furniture that will save them money.

So in this blog, we will try to understand all about making a small move without furniture that also saves you money. It will be particularly useful for those who move between furnished rentals.

What is a small move?

A small move usually means moving:

  • A studio
  • 1-bedroom flat
  • Moving to a college or university
  • Moving out of your parent's home

Moving home to the UK is a slightly more alien concept but you will soon grasp its importance by the end of the blog.

Benefits of moving without furniture

The mightiest reason to move without furniture is that you get to have cheap removal costs, and the move is easier and faster. You will have less packing to do and transport your goods without paying too much.

Sometimes moving to a new place calls for a revamp of your old style to something more modern and new. So leaving behind your furniture and then furnishing your home with something new can be a good idea. Furniture is considered a heavy and large item out of everything you own so moving it is costly, hard, and dangerous.

How to move without furniture?

There are some shipping options you can consider:

Removal Company

Moving on your own can be a difficult chore especially if you don’t have enough manpower or physical strength to do it yourself. Professional movers have the ability, relevant training, and experience to do the job for you.

Hiring them will ensure maximum protection for your items and will get your items into your new home safely.

Moving by your car

If you don’t have that many items to move, moving them through your car will cost you nothing. For better results, pack your things in strong bags and then stuff them in empty spaces of the car to make use of all available spaces.

Hire a van

If your things won’t fit in the car, you can hire a van and fit everything in it and drive it yourself. If you can get the right driver’s license, and have the skills to drive a van you may consider this option.

Hire a Man and Van service

You will have to research some good man and van services to move. Look into the company you decide to go with and don’t forget to get recommendations from family and friends.

Some other options you can consider are:

  • Courier: You can use a courier service to move your boxes. Your costs will depend on the size and weight of your boxes and the amount of distance to travel.
  • Freight Company: Sometimes freight companies have space on their vehicles that you can get a good deal out of.
  • Train: On the train, in the UK you can take along three bags for free, and for additional luggage, you can pay.
  • Student removals: Some removal companies offer services that are specifically for students at cheap rates.

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