Do you need to insure before the move?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

Moving is not a typical event and can involve many processes that can go wrong. If you are stressing about moving soon, most anxiety would be about damaging your possessions. Usually, the insurance policies that homeowners have in place do not cover the costs of damaged or lost goods. But to put your mind at ease and save you from any unexpected potential problems, moving insurance is something you should consider. 

What you should know about moving insurance

As we mentioned above, the moving process can involve risks of damaging and losing your possessions. Moving insurance safeguards you from these potential risks by reimbursing you for the accidents that could happen. 

What is limited liability?

Most of the removal companies you hire will not know the exact value of your goods. The risk of potential damages cannot be ignored. In these circumstances, the company will seek to limit its liability. Every removals company will have its value of the limited liability, so check what they offer and if your goods will be covered in it. The best way is to: 

First, calculate the value of your items. It is not uncommon for most homeowners do not know it themselves. 

Check the policies available.

If your items are covered with the value your prospective removals company offers, that’s good. Otherwise, you will have to take extra insurance. 

What happens when your items are damaged or lost?

Most removals offer coverage in case of damage and specify it in their terms and conditions. Be thoughtful about going through the fine print. 

In reality, it is difficult to establish who was responsible for the damage, and this is why the removals company will seek to limit its liability. After the move, check your items for any signs of damage, and in case you find them, take pictures and send them to the company as soon as possible. 

What is the typical duration of making a claim?

Almost all removals companies have a time limit on the damages claim. At I Like To Move It Move It Removals, we understand that unpacking after a relocation people take time. Therefore, in case something goes wrong, inform us through email within 7 days. Our insurers require this information. 

Please follow this process in case of damages: 

  • Send us pictures of the damage and email within 7 days of your move.
  • We will then rule out if the fault was on our end. 
  • If it is our fault we will then have to figure out if it is better to repair, exchange or reimburse. 

Would home insurance cover my move?

You will have to check this with your home insurance policy. Usually, in the UK, about 40% of the usual home insurers don’t cover the move. Some may suggest you use their choices of movers. The chances of them covering your move also go down if your items are not packed properly. So always seek a reliable packing service for your move.  

For more information about the removals insurance we provide, call us at 0201 1014 159 or email us at 

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