How to Pack Shoes for Moving

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September 24, 2023

Often while moving you may have wondered by the time you reach your wardrobe, how to pack shoes for moving. It is one of the most important things to consider especially if you don’t want to end up having crumbled and scruffy footwear.

For most of us hogging on to the original packaging, although handy, is rare. In those times a few tips and tricks here and there can help with the process.

If you’re one of those people who buy a branded pair now and then by making ends meet, seeing the end of your beautiful pair can be heartbreaking. Good care when packing will not only ensure the longevity of your shoes but also keep you from spending on a new pair.

So instead of just throwing them in a box, read this guideline for some amazing tips to help you in packing shoes.  

How to pack shoes for moving?

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Get rid of some

The first step is to decide which pairs you want to take along to your new house. This means decluttering your shoe collection and throwing out the ones that you no longer need.

Usually, these are the outworn ones, or those that don’t fit right, or are plain ugly. Organizing will help you streamline the process and get you on track.


Answering how to pack shoes for moving requires a bit of a thought process. Each type of shoe has its storage requirements. For instance, heels won’t fit well with sneakers or loafers with flip flops. Sorting will help you pack shoes with each pair being stowed the proper way.

After organizing them into the right categories, clean them well. A damp cloth can work wonders. This is to ensure no grime or dust sticks to them to make a permanent stain.

Get the packing materials

If you’re thinking about packing shoes for moving with the right materials, we have you covered. Gather these:

  • Durable boxes
  • Packaging paper
  • Good adhesive tape
  • A marker

Start by carefully placing a pair in a box with the shoes faces the opposite direction from one another. This ensures that the shoes don’t rub too much. Stuffing a soft paper-like material in the center also helps.

Next, seal the box with adhesive tape. Poke some holes in the box to let the shoe material breathe, this is especially important for materials like leather and suede. Finally, use a marker for labeling.

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Get all the boxes in a bigger box

In the end, get a bigger carton to place all the labeled and sealed shoe boxes in. Make sure it's sturdy. If you want to pack some of those branded varieties, line the outside of every shoe box with bubble wrap for extra protection.

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Bonus tip

For people who deal with unpleasant odors emanating from their shoes, we have a foolproof tip to help them with the ordeal. Before packing, place teabags inside the shoes, especially inside the ones that are particularly ripe. The teabags suck in the odor giving an earthy scent. You can use flavored tea bags for that extra oomph. It works wonders, believe me, I’ve tried!

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