Do Removal Companies Unplumb Washing Machines?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Have you finalized whether to hire a removal company to help you move out? Many expectations can come with hiring a group of trained movers.

Even though they will do more than half the work for you, it is easy to forget that hiring someone does not mean they are responsible for everything. For example, stuff like unplugging the washing machine.

Remember, a removal company will pack your belongings and help you move out. But, most companies do not offer the services of a plumber. So, you should never expect them to do so. 

If someone from their team is nice enough to offer on their own, you can make an exception. You should avoid putting the movers into any situation that may end up becoming uncomfortable for both of you.

The Best Solution

Unplumbing a washing machine is not as easy of a task as it may seem especially if you have no experience. Doing it on your own may do more harm than good. Since it's rare for a removals company to assist you with the job, it's better to seek the services of a plumber beforehand. 

Plumbers will examine the machine, carefully remove the water supply and unplug the electrical outlet, without causing any harm to your machine. For installing the machine in your new home, we recommend seeking their services again.  

Many people don't fully understand the services that removals offer. For best solutions, we advise avoiding the following when hiring a moving service.

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Things to avoid when hiring removal companies 

Not discussing every aspect before moving day. 

One of the mistakes to avoid when working with professional movers is to ignore vital discussions until the process has started. The best way to help your movers make the process efficiency is to discuss matters before the actual moving day. 

It helps them understand all of your requirements to avoid misunderstandings later on. If you like to be specific and have instructions, try to discuss them earlier on in the move. It helps to avoid slowing any work down. 

Plus, your movers will appreciate this and work according to your needs. 

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Not getting your work done on time. 

Even with hiring movers, there is still room for your own responsibility. Try getting your side of the work done and dusted before the movers arrive. It will make their process easy and help you conclude the move faster. Which in this case would be hiring a plumber to dismantle the washing machine. 

Getting your work done on time also sets a great example and shows your punctuality. If you have personal belongings such as pets or plants, you’ll need to cater to them yourself. It is highly unusual that a removal company would take care of these. 

Not giving them space 

Another mistake people can make when hiring a removal company is not giving the workers enough space to do the work they were hired to do. Always remember, these are trained professionals. And they know what they are there to do. 

Although your removal company may not help with the washing machine, they will do everything else and make your move ten times easier. We always recommend looking for reviews and asking around. It ensures you hire a reputable removal company. 

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