How to Pack Jewelry for a Home Move

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
April 27, 2024

All set to move your home to a new location? Whether moving down the street or to another different country, packing your valuables safely and efficiently is always ideal. This includes your cutlery, furniture, and who can forget the jewellery. Jewellery needs extra attention when packing because it can be delicate and fragile. 

So, today, we're breaking down some tips and tricks that should help you pack your jewellery in the best ways possible. Do you want to learn more? Keep reading! 

Packing jewellery for a move

When moving homes, packing your valuables like jewellery becomes essential. Jewellery has a way of getting tangled or even broken. 

For earrings: As mentioned, earrings can easily get tangled or lost if not packed properly. To avoid this, you can wrap dangly earrings separately in bubble wrap or plastic before storing them in a box or armoire. This way, you protect each piece. 

For several pairs of earrings, wrap two's in plastic before setting them away in a jewellery box. If the jewellery is extra delicate or needs more care, you can poke the needles of the earrings in foam plates before wrapping them in plastic. This will help give them an extra secure space even in transit. The foam plate will stop any jewellery from dangling too much, so the risk of damage is further decreased. 

How to avoid tangled necklaces during a move

Tangling your necklaces is one of the easiest and quickest mistakes, even if you're not moving. So, to avoid this, you can either follow the same trick as before by wrapping each necklace in plastic or hanging them separately in your jewellery box. Whatever seems like the more convenient option, go for it. 

Necklaces are easy to tangle but almost impossible to untangle, so doing this can help you save time and effort. Plus, tangled necklaces can break, so it is best to wrap or hang them individually. 

If you don't have a jewellery box, another good idea to help avoid tangled necklaces is to use straws. Loop each chain inside a straw and secure its claps using both ends. Not only do you avoid tangling all your necklaces, but now you have a separate home for each piece. Plus, you can reuse any old straws laying around without wasting plastic!

For nose and earring studs:

Studs are tiny beautiful pieces of jewellery but almost impossible to keep safe, especially during a move. So, what can you do? Ever heard of a medicine box for safekeeping stud jewellery? It's rare but genius. A medicine box can help secure multiple pairs of stud jewellery for your move. This also works for cufflinks. 

For rings:

Safekeeping rings should be easier because they don't risk getting tangled or stuck on each other. If you don't have a jewelry box or one with a designated ring space, a box of your sunglasses is the next best thing. The television stays tightly shut and helps avoid letting your rings fall off through an open end. 

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