How do I dispose of a piano in London?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Pianos are one of the heaviest and largest items you can own in your home. While they may hold a significant sentimental value in your heart, it also requires a substantial amount of space. Homeowners may want to dispose of a piano if it has gotten old, is taking up unnecessary space in their home, or simply because they don’t want it any longer. Fortunately, there are many services in London that you find who will happily take care of your old piano.

Hiring a piano removal disposal service is a good option because they have specialized equipment and piano removal staff for the disposal service. However, doing it yourself can result in severe injuries because of a lack of physical preparation and improper technique of moving.

Hire a professional piano disposal service

Professional piano disposal services have experts who know how to dispose of any pianos professionally. They will take care of all types of pianos, including:

  • Grand pianos
  • Baby grand pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Electric pianos

Here is how they remove the piano:

Contact the disposal company.

Many piano disposal services have a contact form either on their website or through the phone for contact. Look up the type of company that suits your needs. If the phone line is busy, leave them a message to call you back, and they should do that in a couple of minutes on work days.

Ask for a quote

Ask for a quote from your disposal service. If it suits you, go ahead or get in touch with some other. The company will require details like what type of service you seek, your location, and the piano dimensions. After you provide them with these details, they will give you a quote.

Book the service

Next, you have to book the service after accepting their quote. Then, finally, schedule a time suitable for the disposable staff and you so that you are home when they come to remove the piano.

Wait for the disposal staff.

As scheduled, the staff will arrive on your specified date and time. Show the team where the piano is so the staff can start disassembling it if required. 

They will take care of the piano.

The disposal team will look at the piano and see if it is reusable. If it is too damaged to be reused, the team will take it to a recycling center and reprocess it. The recycling center will give the piano a second life by turning it into different reusable materials.

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