The Best Eco-friendly Moving Tips

Ray Victor
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December 11, 2022

Moving from one place to another is inevitable but leaving a large carbon footprint behind is something we can control. The Planet already has its fair  share of pollution, but we can all play a part in reducing it. Remember, every little helps, so here are some eco-friendly moving tips you can use to make all the difference.

From the type of packaging to use to the choice of moving company in this article, we cover every last bit. All it takes is one small step at a time, and we are here to help you make that “green move” to set standards for others to follow.

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Top 5 Eco-friendly moving tips

Plan ahead

Having an orderly approach to moving will help you move sustainably. You will;

  • Cut down on buying
  • Have fewer uncoordinated trips between destinations
  • Keep away from wasting things
  • Have an idea of what you can repurpose and recycle

Planning will also help you streamline the entire process and make it more productive. From getting moving boxes to hiring the best movers in town, you will cover everything in time.

Cut down on the things you don’t use

Sort out your things into piles that you need and the ones you do not. Either donate or sell those things that you do not use anymore. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplaces are some of the best platforms to use when it comes to selling. This approach will make the moving lighter and cheaper.

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Use eco-friendly packing materials

Moving sustainably means saying bye to anything that fills up landfills, does not decompose, and has a large carbon footprint attached. Steer clear of materials like Styrofoam, plastic wrap, etc. use their sustainable counterparts like newspaper, cornstarch peanuts, etc. Some other eco-friendly materials to use for packing are;

  • Old clothes, cushions, towels, and sweaters make a great filler in packaging boxes.
  • Using reusable boxes and cardboard boxes. These boxes are eco-friendly and can decompose.
  • Newspapers are also great for packing fragile items, are reusable and decomposable. 
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Make your new home greener

Settling into your new home should match your stance on sustainability. Remember to reuse, reduce and recycle and try the following;

  • Paint with eco-friendly dyes
  • Get registered to receive utility bills on your smart devices instead of on paper
  • Buy energy-efficient everything
  • Try to save water and use as much as you need
  • Install solar panels
  • Invest in zero-waste brands
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Hire an eco-friendly moving company

If you’re hiring a moving company, ensure that they are legit. While many claim the sustainable narrative, the truth is very different. Most just stage that to market better. With a few background checks, you can be sure your move is a sustainable one. Ask them;

  • Do they provide recycle boxes ?
  • What sustainable practices do they carry out in moving?
  • Do they use sustainable packaging?
  • Do they use biodegradable materials?
  • Do they organize their trips to be more fuel-efficient?

A credible eco-friendly moving company will have no problem answering with all the details and will let you visit them to see for yourself.

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