Essential Tools for Moving Day

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 26, 2023

Whether you choose to hire a or not a reputable moving company, having a set of tools of your own for moving day is essential. It helps you stay prepared for anything, whether to reassemble furniture or disassemble it.

Imagine arriving inside your new home only to find the light bulbs need replacing or something along those lines. Now, you are sitting in your new home, stressed in the dark, wishing you had planned all of this.

It is why having a tool kit of your own is an essential part of moving, whether you have professional help or not. This post will guide you on what tools you need for moving day.

Tools to have on moving day

Packing tape

An obvious tool that almost anyone packing to move in or not will need. Packing tape is an essential tool that can help your move in more ways than one. It can help tape your boxes, but some like to use it to wrap around fragile items like cutlery and glass.

We can guarantee that having tape on your hands for moving days will help.

Box cutter

Any functioning adult needs a box cutter in their life, whether moving or not. No, using knives and sharp scissors won’t “cut it” (pun intended) because; A) They’re a hazard. & B) they make cutting into boxes so much easier.

Once you start using a box cutter, you will never go back. And you can bet it will be a handy tool for when you’re moving out. So, make sure to keep one in your home.


Assembling and disassembling furniture are all part of the job when moving. Even if you have professional movers and asked for extra service, having a screwdriver for yourself is a good idea. It can help you assemble little things on your own to help takeout the move faster.


Moving into your new place may not be as glamorous as in the movies. You may struggle with the electricity a bit, but that’s for anyone starting life on their own. To help you with this, always keep a torch handy when you know you’re moving.

It can especially help during spontaneous blackouts or when you don’t have your lightbulbs that are fully in order.

First aid kit

While this may surprise some, a first-aid kit can greatly benefit you when moving. And especially for those moving to a new area where hospitals and clinics are unknown.

First aid kits always come in handy for unexpected or minor injuries. You could also end up helping the movers if they were to get hurt.


There you have it. A complete list of essential tools you must always have with you – Especially if you’re moving. They can benefit you and your hired help if you hire them. Check out ILikeTo for the best moving advice.

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