What to keep in mind when moving

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
April 4, 2022

A simple guide on everything you should keep in mind when moving house

There is a long list of things to think about before moving.

If  and when you are actively planning your move, you are probably facing many challenges. including some that are still left to be handled, such as finding the right moving company to trust with your belongings or setting up energy in your new home.

Don’t you wish you had a guide to help you with all this? Look no further.

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What to think of before moving house?

If you are planning to move, you probably have many things on your mind. It has been proven that moving house is  one of the most energy consuming and biggest sources of stress in an individual’s life.

Especially as it is considered a milestone.

At Switch Plan, the experts advise to come up with a list.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • notify your current landlord of a leave in the timeframe necessary to avoid any legal prosecutions or fine to pay
  • break your current lease and sign the new one after reading it closely
  • start a thorough research about moving companies by analysing their previous customers and the quality of their service
  • book your moving truck
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Does it matter where I move between an apartment or house?

If you are moving into a rented place, then you might want to check with your landlord about the energy supplier. Usually it will be up to you to pick one and you can subscribe to the offer you’d like.

Energy bills can be included in the rent or you have to pay for them.

If you are moving into a place that you bought:

There are two cases with different outcomes.

First one, it is an apartment in a building, you won’t have a problem setting up energy.

Second possibility, it is less common. You have built your own house. If that is the case Switch Plan strongly advises to look up information about setting energy in a new built location.

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What should I do about my energy supplier?

There are also two cases.

One:  you are satisfied with your supplier, you’d like to keep your current offer.

Think about: canceling your old contract to the date you are leaving your home and setting up a new one, same offer, same supplier, to start at the date of arrival in your new location.

Second: you can decide to change suppliers.

The experts at Switch Plan advise you to ask for the help of an experienced and trained  team of professionals to guide you.

They can:

  • analyse and reevaluate your consumption and bills
  • compare this analysis to your offer and  to the other ones in the market
  • should you switch they help you find the offer that will save you money

You can learn some more about switching energy suppliers in this article.

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