Top Tips To Remember Before Moving Into A Storage Unit

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Renting a self-storage unit anytime soon? Congrats! A self-storage unit is one of the best investments you make because it is good at helping you keep your extra things in one place. 

To help you know what you can do with the unit, we have listed some of the top tips to help you make this process the smoothest one yet. 

4 Tips to help you when moving your things into a storage unit 

Create a check-list of everything you need to move 

Making a list is always ideal for helping you keep things in check. It helps you keep track of everything you've packed, everything you will be taking, and what is going to be left behind. Doing it this way helps makes things easier and less stressful. Plus, you will be less likely to forget anything before checking into the self-storage unit. 

Check with the company to see if your items are allowed. 

Before you pack up and move your items into a facility, it is better to check in with the company to see whether your items will be allowed. Nine times out of ten, there is most likely to be something on your list that will not suffice in a self-storage unit. 

So, to save you trouble, contact the company and ensure that none of those items are on your list. Things like edible items, groceries, and live plants will obviously not be allowed, so keep this in mind. 

Some facilities may also have special rules, so it is best to be notified beforehand. 

Use quality packing materials. 

It should come as a no-brainer that packing your items in quality materials should be the only way to help you maximize your life. Since your items will be stored away for quite some time without everyday care, keeping them nice and cozy in quality wrapping is in your best interest. 

Dust can accumulate on anything, anywhere. So, quality wrapping and cardboard boxes are the ideal fixes to help you with this. 

Ensure that the company you choose is reputable 

Nowadays, you can easily identify the differences between a good storage facility and a poor one. Doing so is again in your best interest because you will entrust them with your valuable belongings for months, if not years, at a time. So, you can bet that choosing a reputable company is for your benefit. 

Look for genuine reviews, experience, and overall demeanor of the people at the company you're planning to work with. 

You should also take this time to make sure that the company you choose is tidy and clean. Again, this correlates to how well your valuables will be kept in their facility and how clean they are. 


This list of top tips will make you a storage pro in no time! Follow these tips, and you will have one of the easiest and smoothest storage processes.  

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