What to Do with Cardboard Boxes After your Move?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

After moving you might seem to think that the trouble is over. But hang on, you might not be there just yet. Moving comes with all sorts of things and equipment that helped you relocate in the first place. After you successfully do it, you may now start questioning what to do with all that stuff lingering around.

By stuff lingering we mostly mean those large and small cardboard boxes that you once spent hours looking for along with a couple of other things like packing materials etc. so here is what you can do with them in this guide.

What to do with those cardboard boxes?

We always recommend recycling things instead of wasting them. Search through the boxes and discard those that have been damaged during relocation. With the rest in good condition, try out these things:

Give them back

If you hired a removals company to help you relocate, you can send them these boxes back. They will most probably take these back and load them in their vans or trucks. They will benefit by recycling them for another client and help them save costs.

If you borrowed these boxes from friends or family, you can ask them if they want them back. They may find some need and will not let the boxes go to waste.

Donate to a recycling center

Another good thing you can do is to send the boxes to your nearest recycling center. Reducing waste will not only benefit your community but the whole planet. The recycling center will re-use the same boxes by creating newer products like cereal boxes, and egg cartons, using less energy and resources.

Ask around if someone wants them?

Maybe there’s someone else near your location who is moving soon, or for some other purpose. You can do this by either asking around or posting online about giving away free moving boxes. This way you will not only declutter your home but also be able to help someone who is in need. Freecycle, Craiglist, and eBay are some of the websites you can post this on.

Give them to charity

You can give your boxes away to charity. They might need them for their daily operation. For example, donating these boxes may help them to transport goods or put them to some other good use.

Start Composting

If you want to save some money from buying fertilizers for your plants why not make an organic one at home. Composting involves decomposing organic waste materials into a rich soil type that makes plants thrive. If this is your first time trying composting, you can look up many guides online that help you learn the process.

Use them for Storage

Everyone looks for some extra storage space in their home. Why not put away some old toys, blankets, linens, or clothes in these boxes? Many people store them in the attic or basement for safe keeping and decluttering. After moving in, you may realize that it's best to put away some stuff for keeping your home organized. If this is the case, consider keeping them.

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