Why do you need a removals company to move a piano during a relocation?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
September 25, 2023

Pianos take the center stage of your house because of their value. Not only in terms of money but as a family heirloom. It is counted as a priceless piece of furniture that inspires creativity and looks aesthetically appealing sitting in the corner. So if you are moving soon, you will be stressing out over how to move the piano and if it’s a task you should be doing on your own.

Moving bulky things that have great intrinsic value will strain your mind. Your inexperience combined with the fact that you do not have the essentials needed for the move can cause this. So instead of worrying about the task why not call experts to help you? Calling professionals who know their way around moving a piano is a good option to consider.

There are lots of things involved in moving a heavy and expensive piano that inexperienced homeowners know nearly nothing about. This article will discuss all you need to know about moving a piano and why you should let professionals handle the task for you.

Why hire a professional removals company to move your piano?

They will have the necessary equipment

Since this is a task that the removals are partaking in every other day, they have all the essentials to move such bulky items with ease and efficiency. You will not have most of the items they will use to pack and remove the piano. These things can be:

  • Packing materials like plastic wraps and soft cloths.
  • Dolly (the heavy-duty kind), dolly, and weightlifting straps
  • Van ramp
  • Pads made of cardboard
  • Packing tape
  • Weightlifters (this includes about 4 to 6 people)

They will take care of the details

Details including measuring the piano dimensions, its weight, and then using the transporting vehicles that best accommodate these factors are something the removals company will take care of. Covering, wrapping, and packing the piano to keep it from damaging is another detail that they will cater to professionally.

They will have you save time

Being experts in moving a piano, a professional removals service will save you time in packing, and transporting it without the risk of any damages. In case you wanted to do the task yourself, your inexperience will cost you time and your back. From searching for a transporting vehicle to wrapping the beast it will take a significant amount of time.

Your best bet?

With the experience of moving hundreds of pianos every single year, you can count on us to move your piano safely to the new location. Our expert and fully trained piano removal team will see the task through efficiently and reliably.

Our transporting vehicles come with fitted tail lifts, piano removal trolleys, and blankets to secure them during relocation. Rest assured that we have a £50,000 insurance policy in place in case of damages.

Pianos are fragile and expensive pieces of furniture that require diligence and care to relocate. Our expert team knows its way around removing one efficiently, so give us a call to get a quote today.

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