Top Tips for International Moving

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
December 11, 2022

International moving calls not just for comprehensive logistics to look after but also for administrative tasks. Challenging and complicated, hearing about an international move will keep you up at night initially. But if a move is inevitable, there are some things you must do to make it go smooth.

Keeping yourself level-headed is one of the things you must do in addition to planning everything out. Keeping an organized approach along with calm is vital. As soon as you get the moving date, you must plan out the move, get in touch with a professional removal company and get to work.

Leaving everything out for the last minute is the worst you can do. Remember you can never put a set date for the customs and transit times. Combined with poor planning and being out of time can only do more harm. Did you know that a door-to-door move from Australia too and the UK takes about 10 to 15 weeks?

So be ready for inevitable delays. The only thing in your hand is to pack and move as early as possible. So here are some tips that you can adopt to make your international move as smooth as possible.

Don’t shy from doing research

Researching never hurt anyone. It will help you learn more about the move and help you in every aspect. Try to learn as much as you can, in addition to the different laws and rules of the country you intend to move to and generally how long the process takes.

Also, research the removals company for the job. We always recommend hiring a removals company for international relocation because this is not a DIY task that you can do on your own.

Plan out everything beforehand

We suggest keeping a handy checklist both on a piece of paper as well as on your desktop to have a look at all times. This will remind you of all that has been done and what is left to do.

Choose the best removals for the job

International relocation and moving are expensive. You don’t want that combined with damaged/lost goods and further delays. The best way is to ask around from friends or family or check online and to go with the ones that have credible reputations and good reviews.

Professional packers and movers ease the process and take the burden off your shoulders with their experience, and skill.

Only take the essentials

International moving is not cheap. So take along the necessary items. As far as the electronics go, the voltages are usually different so we recommend not taking them along. Furniture is also large and heavy to take along which will also add to the costs.

Check the legality of the items you take along

Some of the everyday items you use in the UK may be illegal in the country you are moving to. Check out the consulate website of the country you are moving to and also the removal company for an exclusion list.

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