Why moving your office outside of London will help you recruit?

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
April 27, 2024

Even in the best circumstances, finding the ideal employees can be challenging. Still, London is losing its appeal as living expenses in the city center continue to rise.

As a result, businesses are deciding to move outside the capital in greater numbers.

But, employees are also leaving the city of London, not just corporations. It is said that one in five tech workers in the city is either thinking about moving elsewhere or is already doing so.

How leaving London will improve employment opportunities.

The expense of living

Being an important city, London has long been regarded as the hub of business in the UK and Europe. Businesses have benefited from the city.

But as living expenses continue to rise, more and more people are using this advantage of the opportunity to move outside of the city center. Possibly to a more affordable location.

According to research, London is one of the most expensive capitals for rentals in Europe.


It's crucial to take transportation options into account when considering office relocation. According to CNBC, 23% of workers have left their jobs due to long commutes.

The Thames Valley and other areas outside of London enjoy a robust transportation system. It includes highways, train lines, and bus routes.

Wellness and good health

Employee happiness has been identified as a significant factor in success in recent years. Happier workers are believed to produce a more effective staff.

According to reports, Londoners, routinely report lower levels of personal well-being. This also includes lower levels of contentment, lower levels of satisfaction, and higher levels of anxiety.

Another survey found that 29% of women and 25% of men in London report having depression and that 80% of workers there are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Low business expenses

A firm specializing in office removals in London can also help you save money. This is because they will know how to pack your belongings effectively and correctly. So, less money will be spent on packing goods and other office relocation tools and equipment!

By doing this, the team of professionals packing up your furniture will not have to spend as much time getting them ready for transport. It will also help in reducing costs.

Who are the best London removals?

Moving out of London can be hectic. Especially if it is your first time trying to move. An office move is quite the work. Hiring reputable movers to help you finish the job is always a good idea.

ILikeTo has been in the moving games for quite some time and knows its way around. Contact our team today if you want to move out of London. ILikeTo offers some of the best office removals in the United Kingdom.

Professional movers are skilled because they know how to do their job. They know how to do it and do it well. Plus, moving is quite physically draining. But, since they have enough experience, they know how to manage heavy lifting.

Our movers can guarantee a safe and effective move for anyone who plans to leave or enter the United Kingdom!

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