How to Move by Yourself (DIY Moving)

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
December 11, 2022

If you have got your moving date you will be now thinking about whether to hire a removals company or move. You can move and save money if you are:

  • Physically fit and will be able to pack and move
  • Have the necessary time to handle all the aspects of the move
  • Having easy-to-move items that are not too many and not complicated to move

Smaller moves usually don’t require much and do not need a removals company. Having lighter to no furniture counts as a small move and so does one where you move to a furnished house. Large home moves with a lot of items and an international move will require the assistance of a removal company.

In this blog we will walk you through all the know-hows of moving yourself and if this is something you should be doing. Remember, your health and safety should be your priority and money are always secondary to that. There are many aspects of moving and if you are sure you can handle all of them, only then you should hire a removals company for the job.

What options do I have about moving home?

There are three options available and you can choose which one suits your needs, your budget, and time.

  • A complete move where you pack, load, and move the items yourself without any intervention from the removals company.
  • A partial move where you pack everything yourself and hire a removals company to load and move the items.
  • You hire a removal service to take care of all aspects: packing, loading, and moving.

How to move?

Here is what you can do to move.

Start early

Moving will require you to dedicate time to all the tasks at hand. Start with gathering the packing supplies and the required amount of moving boxes. Pack the lesser used rooms first. And if you need more hands, ask friends and family for help.

You can make the process fun by engaging in a party-like atmosphere where everyone gets to have snacks while doing work at the same time.

Many homeowners don’t know how important labeling moving boxes are. It helps you stay more organized with the inventory where you will know exactly where everything is and which moving box will be unpacked where in the new location.

Another pro tip while packing is to use old blankets, clothes, tablecloths, and sweaters as packing fillers within the moving boxes to protect the items from damage.

Hire a van

To load and move your goods you will need to rent a van. This is something you will have to do beforehand. Most vans are not available for rent at the last minute so make sure you handle and book a van service timely.

Start loading

On the moving day, practice safe lifting techniques for lifting and loading things. For items that you will need help with, never shy away from asking for help. For heavier items, you will require more manpower to lift and load.

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