Plastic Wrap For Moving – How and Why It Will Make Your Move Easier

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

Plastic wrap is a popular item used in packing by professional movers. There are many reasons why plastic wrap is one of the best tools used in moving. 

Plastic wrap makes packing time a lot faster than it usually is. And, unlike adhesive tape, the plastic wrap does not leave a sticky residue.

The wrap is efficient and provides a safe level of protection to your belongings from things. If you plan to do your own moving, plastic wrap is a worthy addition to your supplies kit.

Although moving out isn’t as easy, especially if you’re doing it yourself, a few tips and tricks can make the job easier. 

Hiring professional movers makes moving hassle and stress-free! Contact us today for more information on how to move you out, anywhere, anytime. 

The Benefits of using Plastic Wrap for Moving 

Plastic wrap offers excellent protection.

Covering your belongings in plastic wrap helps protect them. All sorts of things like moisture and sharp edges can lead to damage. Plastic wrap helps protect items from exposure and limits damage. 

It can help resist scuffs and scratches to keep all your things looking brand new. Plastic wrap is also great at protecting your valuable items from dirt and debris.

Things like pillows and mattresses are prone to accumulating dust during moves. So, covering them in plastic offers an economical and fast solution. 

No residue

As mentioned earlier, the plastic wrap does not perform in the exact way tape does. The material is also not adhesive. So, will not leave a sticky residue behind. 

Zero residue protection is also handy for things made up of fabric that will hold onto a stain much longer than something solid. 

Quick and easy 

You can buy plastic wrap from any local home/appliance store near your home. It is readily available at super affordable rates making the packing process super easy. 


Plastic wrap is a cost-effective method for packing your valuables safely. 

You can order the wrap sheets online in bulk for better deals and use coupons at checkout. Try to save wherever you can. 


Unlike other packing materials, your plastic wrap will most likely be clear.

It allows you to keep an eye on your stuff and recognize each piece without having to open them one by one. 

It also helps to quickly unpack something without spending hours trying to look for it. 

Plastic wrap tricks:

  1. For a safer wrap, make sure to size your plastic according to the object you will pack. It helps create accurate dimensions so that your item stays inside the wrap snug and secure.
  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the item before wrapping it in plastic. Any moisture left behind can cause mold or mildew. Excess water inside the plastic can lead to unhygienic packing as well. So, make sure everything that goes in the plastic is nice and dry. 
  1. If your item is super fragile, like a mirror, cover it in cardboard before wrapping it into a plastic sheet. It helps create a barrier against the edges and keeps it from scratching. 

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