How to Label Moving Boxes – An Easy and Foolproof Way

Ray Victor
Last Updated:
July 27, 2023

When moving homes, labeling your boxes is an essential step. It helps you keep track of your things and maintain a smoother move. 

Labeling your boxes correctly also allows you to organize your moving process efficiently. It makes it easy for you to pack and unpack using easy techniques.  

Labeling is a good step to take when moving homes yourself. So, today we will discuss the different ways to label your moving boxes for an easy and hassle-free process. 

The number one problem of packing usually occurs when it is time to unpack all your things. Without labeled boxes, you can hardly tell which stuff should go in which room. Sometimes, you have valuable or fragile items that need a warning written on top of them and this is where labeling comes in.

What you will need

  1. Permanent markers ( Black or other bright colors ) 
  1. Various colored packing tape 
  1. ‘Fragile’ labels 

Prepare your stuff 

The first thing you should do when moving out your things is to get rid of anything that is no longer used or needed by you. You can try donating or regifting items to contribute towards less waste. 

Ideally, moving out is the best time to evaluate your things and get rid of anything that is not needed. Otherwise, it can cost you time, money, and additional storage space. 

Assign each room a color 

To label the moving boxes, you will need to correlate them to their designated rooms. Here, you can choose to get creative. Our tip is to link each room with each color of the packing tape. 

For example, the box for the master bedroom can have red tape on it. When you’re unpacking, you will recognize the color and know where to look when you need the things for the master bedroom. 

The color system works great because it lets anyone identify the box according to the room once you mention it to them. So, even if you plan to hire professional movers to help you, you can educate them about your color coding system. 

Label With Words 

One of the more traditional ways of labeling your boxes for a move is to get out your favorite permanent markers and start writing. 

For example, a box full of knives, spoons, and glasses could be labeled as Kitchen Utensils. 

Labeling with words is another foolproof way to help you move out easily because it’s straightforward, simple, and effective. 

It is also an economical option because you practically don’t need to spend a penny. Most people already own a pen and are great at writing words. 

Labeling your boxes with words can also be introduced to a helper as it is easy to understand and follow. 

Pro tip: Use either black or bright-colored pens for instant identification. 

Use different sizes 

Using different sized boxes to pack is another excellent tip. You can use smaller boxes for things like cutlery, jewellery, and mini decor pieces. Use bigger boxes for bigger, heavier things. 

The size method is also a safe way to keep your things from breaking. For example, if you put too many small items in a huge box, they have room to toss and fall. 

Sizing your boxes according to your things helps you in more ways than one. They’re easier to handle, travel with, and organize. 

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